Friday, September 5, 2014

Five On Friday

1. My mom, sister, and I did a little outlet shopping (in Howell) a few weeks back. Gets me very excited for the Tanger Outlet that is currently being built just a mere 12 minutes from my house. It will be like a little slice of heaven!!! 
2. Also two weeks ago was the annual Hudsonville Fair. We enjoyed some yummy fair food and then hit up the kiddy rides. Mason had an absolute BLAST this year riding the rides. So much so that he threw a mini huge tantrum when it was time to go.
Lil sis just watching from the sidelines.

After the rides we checked out the tractors and animals.
 His "new" cheese face.
3. Also two weeks ago we went to Holland's Dutch Village. We had never been there before and I thought it would be something fun for us to do as a family. There were rides (the biggest hit), some food, and animals.
Swings with mom and ferris wheel with dad.
Sis just watching again.

The first thing he actually did was go on these little push carts. Only we didnt realize he would have to pump himself to move. Needless to say everyone got stuck behind him. He pumped a little bit but once all the big kids caught up he no longer felt the need to pump...he just let all the other kids pump him along!!! The girl behind him was SO annoyed. Brian and I were just cracking up.
4. Helping daddy wash the vehicles...
5. We were driving past the mall yesterday and Mason says..."the mall!" Brian's a sad day that you know that place by name Mase. We keep driving and Mason starts screaming I need the mall...I love the mall. I was dying. Brian then says...Mase would you rather be in the woods with dad or the mall with mom. He answers very matter of fact...mall with daddy. Lol. That kid cracks me up!!!

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