Friday, September 19, 2014

Five On Friday

1. We've had thee most perfect Fall weather this past week. One day I met up with a girlfriend and her three boys at my favorite park...Frog Hollow. And the best part was Levi (my friend's oldest) and Mason played like long lost best friends. This said a lot because for the last year they fought every time we got together. We decided more frequent playdates (this year) were a MUST!!!
Couldn't get either one to look. Oh well.
2. After the park we surprised Grandma and visited her at work. She was just finishing up her day so she met up with us again a few minutes later (when she was finished) in the Village II for some fries and a chocolate milkshake. YUM!!!
3. Last week my two littles took their first REAL tubby together. (I say REAL because the one or two other tubbys they took together...Molly was actually in her baby tub within the tub). They LOVED being in there together. And Molly LOVED being out of her baby tub. The next night I gave Molly a tubby alone because Mase was going ba-bye with daddy. When it came time for his tubby (Molly was already asleep). He said YEA tubby...with Molly!!! I said sorry buddy maybe tomorrow night. At least they enjoy being in together...because this dual tubby thing is AWESOME!!! 
4. Melt my heart they love each other SO much. Just wish I could take more candids of these moments so I (and they) never forget this innocent love. But of course I rarely have my phone or camera out when these moments occur.
5. Last night after almost two weeks Mason got to play with his bestest neighbor buddies again...
The picture doesn't do justice to how muddy they were. But boy did they ever have fun!!!
And boy was it good to be reunited!!! (Two weeks because we were gone on vacation for a week and then life happened and suddenly it had been two weeks).

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