Thursday, September 18, 2014

Ten On Thursday

1. The moment you realize a {red} crayon went through the wash. And that moment happened after the wash went through the dryer. Boo. (Thankfully the load was just towels).

2. And then two seconds later your phone reminder goes off telling you to get the check out of a pair of pants in the laundry hamper BEFORE you do the wash. Only you've already done the wash. Boo again. (Thankfully it was just a check from my MIL). (And in my defense my alarm was set to go off every night starting the Saturday night we returned from the Smokies at 8pm. Only thing is we didn't get home until 8:30 that night so I silenced the first memo and the second came Sunday night after the wash).

3. How daddy keeps the kiddos occupied well mommy is at work...
4. The night before we left for the Smokies my mother-in-law invited us over for dinner. While the kids (and grandma), dad, and grandpa relaxed!!!
5. About to head out the door to day one of mom's six week (every other week) Bible study course. Thankfully the kiddos liked/loved the nursery!!! And I'm pretty sure the study is going to be amazing!!! Added bonuses one of my best friend's from middle school led the study. (She did amazing). My best friend from high school (who just moved back to the area) was there and I didn't even know she was going to be. And a blog friend was there. 
6. The study were studying is "Treasuring Christ When Your Hands Are Full." Pertinent to so many right!?! Well after leaving Bible study I drove to a garage sale 5 minutes away, picked up some mums on the same road, and then headed the 15 minutes home. As I turned onto a street very near to my development I remembered that I had never grabbed my Bible from the roof of my vehicle. I almost started crying but with a quick glance in my side mirror I saw that IT WAS STILL THERE!!! I quickly pulled my vehicle over and grabbed it. On the drive home I had decided to check out the garage sales in the neighboring development and it was there I discovered that I had NEVER BUCKLED MASON IN. Talk about feeling sick. Needless to say...this study is right up my alley!!!

7. So last night I was giving Molly a bath when Mason came in to ask me a question. I turned for what felt like only a quick second...and guess what I saw when I looked back. Molly eating POOP. Oh my word I almost puked. She must have pooped without me noticing. (Smooth I know). And the moment I was turned she obviously decided to pick up a toy with poop on it and put it in her mouth. Sorry no picture to share. I was too caught up getting the poop-filled toy out of her hands, washing her mouth, and getting her out of the poop water tubby.

8. Can I just say how thankful I am for my mom. The day before heading home from the Smokies I got an email from church reminding me about the church picnic for that coming Sunday. I had completely forgotten about it. So when my mom called to see how the drive was going I mentioned to her that as soon as I got home I would have to run out to grab some groceries to make a salad and of course milk for Mase. My loving mom said she had just made some chicken salad and that she had plenty of milk and that her and my dad would drop it off when we got home. So blessed!!! Love her!!!

9. Time for another Mason-ism. Every morning before coming into my our bedroom and after every nap Mason turns his bedroom light on and his fan off. One night this week I put him to bed at 8:35 and not a peep was heard so I thought he was sleeping. Silly me!!! At 9:10 I heard some banging so I go to check on him. He had turned his light on, fan off, and was about to open the door. He did open the door and found his momma. I told him to get back into his bed. He asked "why," immediately started crying, and said "mama lay." So of course this mama said she would lay with him and of course we both fell fast to sleep. Oh how I love that boy!!!

10. When we were gone on vacation my in-law's brought over the box spring to the mattress that we had laying on Mason's floor. So I would officially say he is NOW in a big boy's bed. (This picture was taken BEFORE his rail went up)!

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