Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Smokies {Day 3}

We woke up by 7 (7:30 at the lastest) every morning to make sure we made the most of our time in the Smokies. (To be honest our kids wake around that time anyways so its not like we would have been able to sleep in even if we had wanted to)! Tuesday brought about a hike (Laurel Falls) and Ober Gatlinburg. The hike was (and forever will be) extrememly memorable for a couple of reasons. First Brian was in a bad mood the whole hike up...saying this hike was not suitable for little kids. We initially had taken our double stoller out but when a park ranger told us pushing the double stroller would be a lot of work we put it back. So that set the hubby's (moody) tone off to a (sarcastic) great start. He pretty much carried Mason on his shoulders the whole way up (and down) while I snuggled Mols in my Ergo.
Half way resting point...
We made it!!! And was it ever worth it!!!
The second thing that made this hike so memorable was believe it or not Mason fell into the waterfall. Awesome. (Thankfully the waterfall ends in a tiny little stream). He looks happy in the picture below but when people started laughing he started swatting Brian. Needless to say he was soaked which meant Brian soon was too. Something we will never forget!!!
(Notice the little stream behind Mols and I...that is what Mase fell into).
Hiking down and somehow my WET boys were all smiles...
This little lady took a snooze the trip down...
And just so you know (and so I have it documented) on the hike down we saw TONS of families with kids our age hiking up both with and without strollers. No double strollers though.

Next we headed to Ober Gatlinburg. We weren't sure what we would exactly find but it was perfect for families with little kids. We rode the tram up (vesus driving up) and what a breath-taking b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l ride it was!!!

First we visited their "little zoo."
(Checking out the bear above and the little leopard below).
At the Ober Gatlinburg store Mase had a little tea party...
The main intent at Ober Gatlinburg was to ride the tram up and ride the Alpine slide. To be honest when I saw the slide my first thought was this would NOT be safe for Mason. I asked around and was told that kids his age DO ride it with a parent so we went for it. You can't tell from the picture below but you ride a ski lift up to basically the top of the mountain...with nothing but a bar over your lap. As you can tell from the picture Mason went up with daddy. And truth be told the plan was for Brian to go first with Mase and me to go second. After seeing what it all entailed I decided (I hate heights) that one ride was enough for Mase. Brian said he sat super still and had a blast on both the ski lift and the slide!!!
After the slide we played at the little playground, Mason rode some kiddy rides, and we ended our time at Ober with a slushie.
For memories sake I will share the next memory. We def pushed Mason to keep going (with NO nap) and we paid for it BIG time. He wouldn't sit on the tram. He just kept goofing off. Brian and I were getting upset with him and he started acting out. He then refused to get off the tram and threw the BIGGEST tantrum of his little life as we pried his hands off the bar and carried him out kicking, swatting, and screaming. It was SO embarressing. 

While the kids snoozed (thankfully) on our 40 min trip back to the cabin we drove through the park and took in some gorgeous views...
And again we ended the night at the cabin. We pretty much returned to our cabin every day around 5 (and stayed in or around) our cabin for the rest of the night. We would just cook dinner, watch movies, play on the pool table (Mase), read books (Me), and swim in the hot tub.

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