Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Smokies {Day 6}

Friday was our last morning in the Smokies. We (ir I mean I) woke up a little earlier than the previous days so I could finish packing (well have everything packed so Brian could pack the vehicle) and do a little cleaning before we starting the journey home. Before we left our cabin we took some family pics (love having a tripod) in front of our cabin... 
Wish I could include all the outtakes. With this foursome there are always quite a few ;)
We actually stopped at one last place (in the Smokies) before heading back to Florence, Kentucky. That place was The Smoky Mountain Deer Farm and Exotic Petting Zoo. Let me just say this is another part of our trip that we will never forget. This "Farm/Zoo" was the most uncleanly place I have ever been to IN MY ENTIRE LIFE. Chicken shit poop was EVERYWHERE and there was no sanitizer to be found. The animals were disgustingly dirty and the place was way off the beaten path that Brian and I were both a little like..."Is this safe?" We paid with cash...thankfully I had just enough...and stayed for a mere hour. Upon leaving I washed my hands, feet, and sandals in the bathroom sink and when we got to the vehicle Brian and Mase used wipes on their feet and sandals. (They had already washed their hands). We took a few pics to remember this priceless place...
Feeding the camel. Remember NO sanitizer. Yes I let Brian do the feeding!!! (My sanitizer was in the diaper bag and which happened to be in the car),
After this adventure we began the trek back to Florence, Kentucky. Mase decided against napping on this 4.5 hour journey so the pic below is how he fell asleep that night...and at 8pm (which is early for him)!!! We got to the hotel (the same hotel as the one on the way down) a little earlier than planned since the Petting Zoo took so little time. Once we unloaded we headed to the pool to do some swimming. After swimming I ran out to gas up and pick up a pizza and some garlic bread from the same pizza place as on the way down. (Like I said it was super delicious).

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