Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Smokies {Days1-2}

Our first family trip...just the four of us!!! As much fun as it is to be with (extended) family it was fun to take a trip just our little family too. We had a blast. Made some great (and not-so-great) memories. And truly enjoyed God's masterpiece (that being the Great Smoky Mountains)!!!

We left Sunday after church and drove 5.5 hours to Florence, Kentucky...where we had already reserved a room. We pre-ordered and picked up a yummy pizza and some garlic bread a few minutes from our hotel. Ate quickly and headed to the pool. Mase is OBSESSED with swimming. Again SO thankful for the lessons he took this past summer. 
The following morning we ate an "okay" breakfast at the hotel (it was part of our room deal but not worth the extra money) and then drove the last 4.5 hours to our cabin in the Smokies.
We actually drove 4 hours and stopped at a Walmart (near the resort check in office) first to pick up some groceries for the week and then we checked in. Then we drove the last 22 minutes to our cabin. Mason immediately fell in love with this pool table. He was often found on top of the pool table playing with his Cars cars...
Our cabin was a beautiful two story two bath/shower two bedroom cabin. (And both bedrooms had a tub). Here's just a couple pics of the downstairs and one of the upstairs...
The first night at the cabin (Monday night) we just stayed in and around the cabin and relaxed. Here's Mols eating dinner. (We had to attach her seat to a chair since her seat wouldn't work on the table. 
And a night wouldn't be complete without swimming in the "pool."

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