Sunday, October 26, 2014

{Molly} Ten Months

Stats: Hoping my little lady has gained at least another half a pound (maybe just maybe even a full pound) but since she's not big on eating I'm guessing the half a pound is more likely. This would put her at 17 and a half pounds. And maybe she's reached 27 inches (a gain of a quarter inch).
Sizes: Molly is still wearing 6-12 month, 9-12 month, or 12 month. Still wearing size 3 (Kirkland brand) diapers.
Food: As of October 13 Molly officially became a formula fed baby. Kinda made this momma sad but life has gone on!!! Molly currently gets four 5 ounce bottles a day (of Similac Advanced). Molly (as mentioned above) is NOT big on eating and to add to that she is EXTREMELY picky about what she WILL eat. Stresses me out. The girl does loves her some pb & jelly toast, yogurt, yogurt melts (as long as it's not peach flavored), chocolate pudding, and any and all snacks. Struggling with getting her to eat meat, cheese, fruit, and veggies. (Although the other day I did get her to eat some strawberries and salomi)!
Routine: Where we struggle with food we do NOT struggle with routine!!! Molly goes to bed around 7:15/7:30 and sleeps til 8ish. (We had an 8 day stretch where Molly slept ALL night long!!! But then she caught a cold and our streak ended. Thankfully after just one night she went back to sleeping all night long again)!!! She takes a morning nap of 45-90 minutes. On the longer side if we're just hanging out at home. Shorter if we have morning plans. Her afternoon nap is normally an hour and a half to two hours.
Developmental Milestones: Molly finally hands out kisses. Oh I LOVE me some Molly kisses!!! And within the last week has figured out clapping (somewhat) too. She can crawl UP stairs (as of October 7). She (same as last month) can pull herself up but now she is a pulling up machine.
Loves: Molly loves computers/iPhones!!! Molly loves her snuggie (blanket). Molly loves her bubba (bottle)!!! Molly loves her (or her brother's) pacis. Molly loves her brother's sippys!!! (Actually Molly loves anything that is her brothers)!!! And Molly still loves tubbies!!!
Dislikes: Molly dislikes her face/nose being wiped. Getting her diaper or clothes changed. Being walked away from/left in a room alone. And she also isn't too fond of headbands.
Other Things I Don't Want To Forget:
  • You're kind of a drama Queen. When something doesn't go your way you throw your whole body down and start whimpering. You then look up to see if we're watching you. If we are you throw your whole body down again. If we're not you go about your business.
  • You can already cry on command if it means getting your brother in trouble.
  • With the above said you really are a pretty chill and very happy girl. 
  • You noticed the dishwasher and the lazy susan for the first time on October 8.
  • Mommy brag moment and I can because its my blog...everyone almost everywhere we go comments on what a cute baby you are and what awesome hair you have. I can't help but agree!!!
  • You participated in your first Walk To Remember (in honor of your big sisters). It was a cold one and mommy quickly figured out that you do NOT like the cold or your winter jacket.
  • We had our family pictures (actually extended family pictures) taken this month. You did good for our little family pics but were pretty over it by the time we got to the extended family ones.
  • When you're tired you become extremely clingy and mommy (or daddy) needs to be in your line of vision at all times.
  • Most days I lay you down awake for your naps. You might talk for a few minutes but you always fall alseep in one position or another.
  • I love love love our snuggle time before you go na-night. You snuggle right in with your snuggie by your face while mommy holds your bubba. You're not quite asleep when I put you in your crib but you always roll onto your right side while I cover you up...and not another peep is heard.
  • One difference between you and your brother is you've been a champ at holding your own bottle for a good month now. But you always let mommy hold it for you at bed time.
  • You have this lovely habit of taking a drink out of your sippy and then throwing it to the floor. 

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