Sunday, October 19, 2014

Seven On Sunday

1. I took some fall pictures of the kids a few weeks back. Yea for cornstalks in my backyard! These pics were for a project I am doing. (And I will post a pic of this project once the hubster hangs it on my wall).
2. Brian was gone hunting so I took the kids to "visit" their big sisters. Had to grab the flower pot before it was confiscated.
3. After "visiting" the girls we had to run to Meijer. Meijer + kids ='s an interesting time!!!
(After Meijer we met my parents for dinner at Big Boy...that too proved to result in an interesting time!!! Just imagine spilled water (not by either child), spilled chocolate malt, food crumbs everywhere, and a child not knowing what "use your indoor voice" means).

4. Mase asked me to take the below picture. Only because he loves to look at all the pictures (ahem himself) on my phone. Not only does he like to look at pictures but he also likes to take pictures these days. Just the other day he took 175 pictures of his movie while we were in the car. AWESOME!!! Good thing it doesn't take much to delete them all.
5. I have figured out how to keep Mase (for the most part) in a cart these days. And on that note I am SO thankful he's easier to run errands with. Makes me kinda sad that were entering flu season...
6. His mad face that daddy ate all the Oreos...
 7. Somebody loves cheeseballs...

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