Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Ten On Tuesday

1. Family pumpkin painting/carving time...
Not sure if he got more paint on the pumpkin or himself!!!
2. The following morning Mase wanted his picture taken with our finished products...
 3. Pinterest project #1 complete.
 4. Pinterest project #2 complete.
(Canvases painted by none other than Mason Dale)!!!

5. Mase got two haircuts last week. The first by either one of his cousins (who's a mere 6 months older) or himself and the second by daddy. Luckily not too much damage was done by the first haircut. Mase was at my parents on Thursday (while I worked) and on Friday morning when I was doing his hair I was like what on earth. Long story short my mom didn't even know it had happened. (She was baby-sitting five kiddos and the oldest four were hanging out downstairs while my mom was busy with Molly). Not sure of all the details but my niece is saying she did it...so thats the story I'm going with too. I guess the saying "what happens at grandmas stays at grandmas" is true!!!

6. Mase giving Mols a quick tractor ride...
7. New Salem Pumpkin Patch with the entire Vugteveen clan. A fun yearly tradition!!!
G&G Vugteveen with all 10 grandkiddos.
Molly driving Bob the Builder
Train ride.
Ready to head into the maze.
My lil fam. Love them to absolute pieces!!!

8. A few weeks back Mase kept it real during church nursery (while I was on nursery duty). He was teasing (although I don't think he knows what teasing is) this little kid by not getting out of his way. I asked him to move. He would not. Suddenly out of nowhere the kid shoved Mase. (And shoved him hard. Mase nailed his head). Needless to say Mase LOST IT. I went to him and wouldn't you know he slapped me in the face, grabbed (and pulled) my hair HARD, pulled the other side, and tried to slap me again but I caught his little hand. I was stunned and didn't know what to do. I held him while he thrashed and for the life of me couldn't calm him down. I didn't know what else to do so I went to Brian (who was in Kids Zone) to get the car keys. At this point I was almost in tears. (Which is really not like me). I took Mase out to the car, gave him his bop, and (thankfully) he finally calmed down. Shortly after returning to nursery the same kid that shoved Mase bit another kid. Definitely not my best nursery duty.

9. Catching the big one (according to Mase)...
10. Today Mase wore his beloved winter boots from the moment he woke until I made him take them off before nap time. Crazy kid!!!

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