Wednesday, November 26, 2014

{Molly} Eleven Months

Stats: Guessing Mols is in the low 18 pound range. We were at the doctor's two weeks back and with clothes/diaper on she weighed 18lb 11oz. (With experience she is always half a pound less when weighed with only a dry diaper on). And according to my tape measure Molly is 27 inches long.
Sizes: Molly is still wearing 12 month clothing but new to her wardrobe this month (as of a week ago) is 12-18. She can still get away with wearing Gap 6-12 month but all other 6-12/9-12 month clothing has been put away. Still wearing size 3 (Kirkland brand) diapers. And for remembrance sake Molly is in size 3 or 6-12 month shoes. Girl has CRAZY tiny feet.
Food: Molly gets four 5 ounce bottles a day (one at each meal and the fourth before bed). I just switched her formula a week ago from Similac Advanced to Enfamil Premium. Ever since starting formula (back mid October) Molly has pretty much had a consistent diaper rash. Comes and goes in severity but hoping this switch is just the change we need. Thankfully if it doesn't help at least we only have another month of formula. If the issue causing her rash is something else entirely then we're in trouble. As for eating table feed...Molly has is improving immensely (yea)!!! Girl LOVES waffles, PB and jelly toast, sausage, and any and all snacky things (but especially Graduates lil' Crunchies). She'll put most anything in her mouth but more often than not it does come right back out. (She loves to suck and spit). She use to be a big fan of yogurt but that isn't so true anymore.
Routine: Molly goes to bed around 7:00/7:15 and sleeps til 7:15/7:30. She sleeps all night long and boy oh boy does this momma love it!!! She takes two naps a day. Her morning nap is normally an hour long and occurs about 2 hours after she wakes and her afternoon nap is normally two hours long. And she gets a bath pretty much every night.
Developmental Milestones: Molly pulls herself up and walks along everything these days. She also walks with help (whether that be hands or a walker). Occasionally will stand on her own. Claps for herself!!! And she's got "pick me UP" down pat.
Loves: Molly loves computers/iPhones!!! Molly loves her snuggie (blanket). Molly loves her bubba (bottle)!!! Molly loves her (or her brother's) pacis. Molly loves her brother's sippys!!! Molly loves tubbies!!! And Molly loves books!!!
Dislikes: Molly dislikes her face/nose being wiped. Getting her diaper or clothes changed. Being walked away from/left in a room alone. And she also isn't too fond of headbands.
Other Things I Don't Want To Forget:
  • You still go to bed like an absolute dream. If we're blessed with one (or two) more I pray they get your sleep habits and NOT your brothers. You go down fairly easily for naps too. Occasionally you cry or whimper but never for more than a few minutes. And you LOVE sleeping on your belly. 
  • You are drama, drama, drama. We are going to be in for it with you. If we tell you "NO" que the waterworks. If we walk away from you (heaven forbid we do such a thing) even if you can still see us que the waterworks. If you don't get your way...que the waterworks. If you're brother does something to you (even if we saw it and know it didn't hurt you) que the waterworks.
I seriously walked from the family room to the kitchen (And for those of you that don't know the set up of my house...she could see me THEE ENTIRE TIME)!!!
  • You tried a kit kat and an oreo cookie (or two) for the first times this month. Let's just say you would take a second!!!
  • You love to "help" with the laundry, take books off shelves, open cupboards, and touch any kind of buttons (iPhone, remotes, tv, etc).
  • You 6 out of 7 mornings wake up with a poopy diaper.
  • You throw yourself down like its your job.
  • You just recently started enjoying books. Good thing since your getting a few for birthday/Christmas.
  • You were a Ladybug for your very first Halloween.
  • You helped daddy celebrate his 39th birthday.
  • You "played" in the snow for the very first time. And loved it!!!
  • You always think you need to take one of your socks off. (Your brother did the same thing at this age)!!!
  • You had a diaper rash on and off since mid-October. It was pretty bad for 6 weeks. We finally got a handle on it by letting you air out a few times a day, bathe twice a day, frequent diaper changes, and lots of diaper cream (with zinc) at every diaper change. However, a week later after we let up on frequent changes, stopped airing you out, and bathing just once a day or skipping a day altogether your rash came back. Thankfully within the last few days it has cleared up again. Hoping the formula change is the key too KEEPING IT AWAY!!!
"WHAT...I'm gonna be ONE next month!"

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Ten On Saturday

1. We've spent LOTS of time inside these past few weeks for two primary reasons that you will see later in this post. Then add in the fact that I hate running errands with the kiddos this time of the year and you got yourself some home-bound peeps! Thus Molly's crib has become a fave new hang out place. On this particular day Mason jumped out of the crib and came back with two of his sippys...and said one for Molly and one for me. This is huge because he's normally not a fan of sharing his sippys. Notice Molly guzzling hers down?!! Mason gave her the sippy with chocolate milk in it. The girl was in heaven!!!
2. We moved our little TV from the kitchen into our family room. For the first few days this is where the munchkins constantly were. After a few days of yelling and shouting "NO"...they haven't been hanging out there so much anymore.
3. This kid always gives me teeny tiny heart attacks. He wanted gummies so he thought he would help himself...
4. November 13, 2014...first day of SNOW!!!
 5. He just couldn't help himself. Who needs boots, snowpants, and gloves anyways ;)
6. If you haven't guessed yet SNOW is reason #1 why we've been home-bound lots these last few weeks. Area schools have already had 1-2 snow days. Typically if the schools have a snow day (and if I'm not working) then we stay home to stay off the roads. After a few days of snow I finally gathered up my snow gear to play outside with this handsome fella. 
7. He loved every minute of his first snow play of the year. And he also enjoyed his first cup of hot warm chocolate.
8. SNOW much FUN. Well here you have it folks we are currently having our snowiest November IN HISTORY. How crazy is that?!?
9. Molly is taking right after her big brother in the "I like to eat snow" department...
10. And last but not least (reason #2 for why we've been home lots and lots)...THIS LITTLE BOY is pee trained!!! (I say pee trained because we are not pooped trained yet). 
(Don't ya love the fact that he's grabbing himself...he's def all boy)!!!

A few weeks back Brian and I went out for dinner with two of my college friends and their hubbys and one of my friends shared with us that her just two year old was potty trained. WHAT?!?! Lucky is what I thought!!! On the way home I told Brian that since I had no plans for the next three days that I was going to potty train Mase. He was all (for me) doing it. I told Mase the next morning that if Tenley (who is almost a whole year younger) could poop/pee on the toilet then so could he. That folks is what got him motivated. So we started this process on November 8. We did the naked (waist down) for three days. Days 1 and 2 weren't so bad...but on day 3 I was ready to quit. He was fighting me SO much. My mom told me NOT to give up (or in to him). We pushed ahead (and I'm so glad I did). I would say he was officially pee trained at the end of day 3. Days 4-7 were rough in the poop department because he either refused to go all day (very unlike Mase since he is a consistent morning pooper) or if he did go it was a huge fight. On day 8 I was ready to quit again. Mason was now refusing to poop or pee on the toilet. By 5pm he'd only peed on the toilet once and had one tiny accident...and his belly was the size of Texas (from refusing to poop). I actually called his PCP's after hours line to hear their recommendations about proceeding with this whole potty training thing or calling it what it was...a failure. (On a side note if you didn't remember Mase was born with hydronephrosis. (A kidney issue). His case is mild but I didn't need it to become major). The nurse actually told me based on what I was telling her and with his hydronephrosis history that I should go to the ED. I decided against it because even though I was super worried I also kind of felt like he was "playing" me. Right before I called the after hours line I had put a diaper on Mase. I told the lady that I would give him a couple more hours to poop/pee in the comfort of his diaper. If he still didn't then I would call back and bring him to the ED. I headed over to my mom's house (as planned since all the men were hunting since it was opening day of gun) and wouldn't you know within a half hour of getting to my mom's house Mase pooped and peed. The next day Mase was peeing fine again but still not pooping. I put a diaper on him at dinner (when he still hadn't pooped) and told him he could poop but NOT pee in the diaper. Within 30 minutes he once again pooped. I called his PCP's office the next day and talked to one of Mason's regular nurses and she told me that she had had a child do the same thing to her. Refuse to poop on the toilet but was pee trained. I asked her if it was okay to put a diaper on for 30 minutes a day for him to poop so we didn't lose the pee training. She said it sounded like a great idea so that's where were at. Mase now knows to ask for a diaper when he needs to poop. He does his business and then we put his undies back on. We'll try again in another month or so to poop train him but I know it will happen when he's ready. We have accidents far and few between these days and since day 1 of potty training he has stayed dry for every single nap and night!!! So proud of my little guy.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Ten On Friday

1. I'm alive!!! I'm alive!!! Mason just decided I needed a new computer so he dumped water on my old one. I tried the old rice trick (and it most def did not work). My new computer is suppose to arrive on Tuesday but since the hubby is hunting today I snuck his work computer out to get a little Ten on Today post out!!! 

Oh and here's the back story of the water spillage. I was getting ready in the bathroom when Mason let me know that he poured the water. I said to him "poured the water?" as I walked out of the bathroom. And sure enough he had poured my water bottle (that sets on my nightstand) into the empty bowl sitting on my nightstand (that I had used for an orange the night before). And in the process the water spilled down my nightstand and onto my computer sitting below. It was a sad day. Thankfully I didn't lose too much on my computer besides my creative memory program. Guess I'll have to figure out another way to scrapbook.

2. Halloween 2014 was a bitter cold one. But we still had a blast. My brother Jason and his family (plus his in-laws who were in from out of town), my parents, and my sister's family came over for a night of pizza, trick or treat, and play.
Mario and the Ladybug
He was SO SO SO excited about his costume!!!
Construction worker, Football player, Princess, Ladybug, Mario, Cowgirl #1, Cowgirl #2, and a Kitty.
My candy hander-outer-helper!!! (She dressed up but did not go out trick-or-treating).

3. When moms at kinda does hair?!!
4. This girl is a HUGE fan of veggie straws. (Notice she's double fisting)!!!
5. Sometime between the last time I posted and now the kids and I went to Catch Air with my sis-in-law Jana and her two boys. The kids had an absolute blast. And since Mols isn't an itty bitty baby anymore she made sure to get in on the action.
And Mason got braver (since last year). Last year he never dared to go down this blow-up slide.
6. We've visitsted the library a time or two...
 7. And we've hit up the mall play area multiple times...
8. Just hanging out with my favorite two the little's house that is currently inside for the winter.
9. Partners in crime??? This looks like trouble to me. 
10. He's obsessed with his binoculars. To bad he broke them.