Friday, November 21, 2014

Ten On Friday

1. I'm alive!!! I'm alive!!! Mason just decided I needed a new computer so he dumped water on my old one. I tried the old rice trick (and it most def did not work). My new computer is suppose to arrive on Tuesday but since the hubby is hunting today I snuck his work computer out to get a little Ten on Today post out!!! 

Oh and here's the back story of the water spillage. I was getting ready in the bathroom when Mason let me know that he poured the water. I said to him "poured the water?" as I walked out of the bathroom. And sure enough he had poured my water bottle (that sets on my nightstand) into the empty bowl sitting on my nightstand (that I had used for an orange the night before). And in the process the water spilled down my nightstand and onto my computer sitting below. It was a sad day. Thankfully I didn't lose too much on my computer besides my creative memory program. Guess I'll have to figure out another way to scrapbook.

2. Halloween 2014 was a bitter cold one. But we still had a blast. My brother Jason and his family (plus his in-laws who were in from out of town), my parents, and my sister's family came over for a night of pizza, trick or treat, and play.
Mario and the Ladybug
He was SO SO SO excited about his costume!!!
Construction worker, Football player, Princess, Ladybug, Mario, Cowgirl #1, Cowgirl #2, and a Kitty.
My candy hander-outer-helper!!! (She dressed up but did not go out trick-or-treating).

3. When moms at kinda does hair?!!
4. This girl is a HUGE fan of veggie straws. (Notice she's double fisting)!!!
5. Sometime between the last time I posted and now the kids and I went to Catch Air with my sis-in-law Jana and her two boys. The kids had an absolute blast. And since Mols isn't an itty bitty baby anymore she made sure to get in on the action.
And Mason got braver (since last year). Last year he never dared to go down this blow-up slide.
6. We've visitsted the library a time or two...
 7. And we've hit up the mall play area multiple times...
8. Just hanging out with my favorite two the little's house that is currently inside for the winter.
9. Partners in crime??? This looks like trouble to me. 
10. He's obsessed with his binoculars. To bad he broke them.

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  1. Boo for broken computers! Yay for adorable babies in Halloween Costumes!!!