Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas Day with the Helmholdts

The kids woke fairly early so first thing on the agenda was stockings.
Mason loved his new Mickey Mouse notebook...$1 at Target. Score!!!
Before heading to my in-law's church for the Christmas morning worship service we snapped a picture of our sweet little family. (Not biased or anything)!!!
Mason was in a picture taking mood (hence the insanely adorable photo below) but Mols wanted NOTHING to do with it so NO photo of her.
After church we headed to my in-law's house but before gobbling up our Christmas brunch we took our annual Helmholdt family picture. We got a pretty decent one even though Mason refused to smile and Molly refused to wear her headband.
This was actually how the majority of the family pics turned out. My kids were having very hot/cold days.
After brunch we opened presents. Mase loved his new Mr Potato Heads...as did Mols (love Mases's new Mr Potato Heads).
He loved throwing paper out of the gift bag presents...
Sporting his new towel. Big surprise but Molly refused to sport hers.
Like I mentioned above my kids were super hot/cold all day this was his reaction to his train table. Thinking he was mad that dad and grandpa uncovered the train table without his help. But when we tried to cover it back up that made him mad too. Oh boy. Once this cold mood passed he was very excited about his gift.
We hung out at my in-law's until 6ish. Molly napped a little...Mase not so much. We played some dominoes while Molly napped, enjoyed some ice cream (for dessert) once she woke, and just sat around paying with toys and watching tv.

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