Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas Eve Morning

Most of you know I'm a nurse which means every year I am suppose to work either Christmas Eve (day) or Christmas Day. Well this year a coworker needed New Years Day off and asked if I would trade my Christmas Day for her New Years Day. You better believe I said YES to that offer!!! So thankful to have BOTH days off this year.

On Christmas Eve morning we celebrated with our little fam of four. I made from scratch cinnamon rolls and after gobbling them up it was present time for the kiddos. (My kids don't believe in Santa so it doesn't really matter which day we open gifts). We kinda went along with the theme "Want, Need, Read." Only in addition they got one extra small "want" and of course their $5-10 the last Sunday before Christmas gift.

Before opening gifts I made them pose for a picture. Mason's mouth was full of food and Molly wasn't sure about Mason hanging on to her...oh well one can never expect perfection with two littles.
Mason loved opening his gifts...
1) (Small) Want...remote control car for 3+
2) Need...2 new shirts
3) Read...Leapfrog Letter Factory
And his (big) want gift was a...
Molly was not terribly interested in opening her presents SO big brother helped her out...
Molly's gifts included...
1) (Small) doll
2) Need...a pillow (pet)
3) Read...Minnie Mouse small pack of ten books

And as you can already tell from the above picture her (big) want was her Minnie Mouse Activity Ride On...
Girlfriend LOVES her new ride on push toy.
The rest of the morning/afternoon was spent playing with toys, eating lunch, and taking naps before heading over to G&G Vugteveens for our next P-A-R-T-Y!!!

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