Saturday, December 27, 2014

{Mason} Three Years Old

hAPpY BirtDaY (sweet boy)!!!
Stats: Mason's 3 year well child check up isn't until January 5 but as always for guessing sake I'm thinking Mase weighs between 33-35 pounds. (I'll update his stats after his appointment).

*UPDATE: Mason weighed 32lbs 4oz (75%) and was 37.5in tall (50%) at his appointment today (Janurary 5).

Sizes: Mason is wearing all 3T clothing. And size 2T-3T underwear. 
Food: Mason is still a picky eater but I will say it has gotten much better over the course of the last year. He loves waffles, PB & jelly toast, and cereal for breakfast. And for lunch/dinner he does a meat and fruit. His favorite food is apples. The kid eats 1 or 2 a day. But anything chocolate is not far behind. He also loves Auntie Anne's Pretzels (Cinnamon or Regular). Fruits: he likes grapes, strawberries, apples, raspberries, and blueberries. (Over the past year he has had a love/hate relationship with rasp and blueberries). Veggies: he dislikes them all but would pick corn if he had to pick one.  Meats: he likes them ALL. Likes: fruit snacks, candy, ice cream, pickles, nuts, goldfishies, and pretty much anything snacky. Drinks: Chocolate milk or water (enjoys flavored or mixed with crystal light) and thee occasional sip of pop.
Routine: Mase typically wakes between 7 and 7:30 in the morning. Turns off his fan. Turns on his bedroom light. And meanders into mom and dad's (bed)room. First thing on the agenda is going potty followed by some toons in mommy and daddy's bed and then eating some breakfast. He naps around 1:30pm (on a normal day) and that nap lasts 2-3 hours...three hours most often (yea)!!! We try to get Mase to bed by 8:30pm...for sure no later than 9pm. Right after brushing his teeth, going potty, and saying his prayers. On occasion he sneaks into our bed early in the morning but those nights (early mornings) are far and few between. And also maybe one night a week either Brian or I lay with him just because he loves it so!!!

Loves:  Loves loves loves his Cars cars (especially Lighting McQueen). Loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (still)!!!  Loves Mommy and Daddy's iPhones. Loves playing with his cousins and neighbors (Adryanna and Blake). Loves looking at DVDs and their cases. Loves playing with Duplo Legos. Loves coloring and cutting things (with kid friendly scissors of course). Had a good run with Mario this year and is recently obsessed with his (and Molly's) birthday presents from back in November (especially Molly's pink princess guitar).
Dislikes: Going to bed. Being woken up early from a nap. (He needs to wake up ON HIS OWN else he's Mr. Grouchy)!!! And veggies. 

Other Things I Don't Want To Forget:

  • You are still a smart little whip who doesn't miss a beat.
  • Some Masonisms: "Ummm let me think about it...NO" (when we ask you to do something), "I love you too" (randomly, if yelled at, or if hurt), and "I don't feel good" (if yelled at or knows he's about to get yelled at).  
  • Mommy started potty training you on November 8. We did the three day-naked-stay home-all day method. After just a few accidents you were officially pee-trained pretty much within those three days but poop training took another 5 weeks. Once we started training you you've NEVER once wet the bed at night or during a nap. As for the pooping part after the first three days you pretty much refused to go on the toilet thus you became constipated. So I started giving you twice a day miralax but somehow you still held your poop in (most days). The constipation got bad enough that you stopped peeing normally so I told you just to ask us for a diaper when you had to poop....which you did. You did your business and then we changed you. About a month later we bought you a new Lighting McQueen car and told you if you pooped in the toilet you would get the new Lighting. Randomly on December 11 (a couple days after showing you Lighting) you asked to go poop on the toilet...and my boy YOU DID!!!
  • Besides two (poopy) diaper incidents (with daddy watching you) you were officially poop-trained on Dec 13. See ya later diapers!!!
  • In those first 3 days of pee training when you couldn't go you would say "It don't work" ...referring to your "Peter."
  • Sometimes when asking you if you need to go potty you say..."Um nope, I'm fine." Typically this means you really do NOT need to go but on the occasion it just means you're too busy to take a break from what you're doing...and two minutes later your screaming you need to go.
  • To date you still need help going potty. And you pretty much always want mommy's help. You want me to pull your pants and undies down and sit you on the potty and then sit there til your done.
  • EVERYTHING is I DO except the stuff you don't want to do. (Like pulling down your pants and undies). If we don't let you DO it yourself often you will throw a ginormous sized tantrum. 
  • Sometimes we call you Nut Job. You not so kindly tell us that your name is MASON...not Nut Job. I then say its Mason Nut Job Helmholdt. We call you Nut Job when your tantrums involve hitting yourself or dad. Very rarely do your tantrums involve hitting mom...even if I'm the one yelling at you.
  • We started stage 2 of bop (paci) weaning on November 22. Up until then you could have it in our house, in the vehicles, and there was always a spare in the diaper bag for emergencies. Starting November 22 you were only allowed to have it IN BEDS (either yours or mommy and daddy's). Stage 3 will be to take it away for naps (this will be happening very soon). And the final stage will be saying ba-bye to bops altogether.
  • You still take Singular every morning.
  • You need Mommy (or Daddy if Mommy is not available) to kiss all your owies. You freak until we do.
  • You've become kind of a momma's boy.
  • You will randomly hand (mommy) out compliments. When I say "thank you" you get a big smile on your face and say (in the cutest voice) "ur welcome."
  • I love listening to your sweet voice say your full name...Mason Dale Helmholdt!!!
  • You loves watching cartoons and DVDs. Some of your fave cartoons include: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Sofia The First, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Doc McStuffins, Peter Rabbit, and George. Some of your fave DVDs include: Cars 1 and 2, Mr. Peabody and Sherman, Despicable Me 1 and 2, The Nut Job, and Baby Genius' Favorite Nursery Rhymes (you call this one EiEiO) and Baby Animals.
(Your Mr. Peabody glasses).

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