Friday, December 26, 2014

Molly's birthDAY Shenanigans

Happy Birthday to You. Happy Birthday to You. Happy Birthday dear Molly. Happy Birthday to YOU!!!
Our morning got off to a late start with all the busyness of the last few days but after opening a few (birthday) presents...
it was off to the Grand Rapids Children's Museum for a few hours of fun!!!
They loved banging on the piano and Molly crawled through this thing (back and forth...back and forth) about 50 times.
Doesn't Mols look SO tiny next to her big bro!?!
My favorite little fireman...
After the museum we grabbed a late lunch (a BBQ pizza and some breadsticks from Monellis) TO GO. Once home the kids both took naps and I ran an errand while Brian messed around in the garage. When Molly woke her and I headed over to one of my aunt's houses for a little meet and greet with a cousin of mines new fiance. And the rest of the night was spent picking up the house and putting away Christmas decorations. Now its on to Birthday #2 tomorrow...

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