Thursday, December 4, 2014

Ten On Thursday

1. Lately Mason and Molly have become big time Mommy kids...except when daddy (on the rare occasion) works from home (he worked from home because of terrible roads and because every school in the area was shut down and because his team due to the roads thought it best to just work from home)...then they won't leave him alone =)
2. On Tuesday I showed you where Molly's favorite spot at G&G V's is. Today I show you where Molly's favorite spot at G&G H's is...
(Chilling under one of their living room end tables).

3. This GIRL. LOVE her to pieces!!!
4. Mason's buying movies these days... (At least it only cost us $2.99).
But did you see his choice...21 Jump Street. If you haven't ever seen it just know it is NOT kid appropriate. I was in the kitchen when I heard vulgar language coming from the tv. I ran into the family room and saw a police officer humping a criminal. And wouldn't you know no matter what button I pushed it wouldn't get off the screen. What felt like an hour later (pry just a minute later) I finally just shut the tv off. Just so you know in the meantime I stood in front of Mason talking really loudly.

5. This girl is standing on her own more and more these days...
6. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day this year!!! We started the day off by joining my parents at their church for a Thanksgiving morning of worship. Next before heading to my parent's house for lunch we stopped by my grandpa's house to say HI. He hasn't been doing (health-wise) so great the last couple of weeks and wasn't up to getting out this year so I wanted to stop by and wish him a Happy Thanksgiving.
This year it was just my family and my sister's family at my parent's house. What I loved best about dinner (although the food was a very close second) was my sister's suggestion that we all go around the table and say what we were thankful for before digging in. I said for my doctors (Dodds and Jelsema) in helping me get and stay pregnant with my two miracles. Christian men in my corner!!! Couldn't possibly be more thankful. The kids then played with their cousins before heading home for naps and then we just chilled at home the rest of the night since G&G Helmholdt were out of town.
7. On Friday Mason's bestest friends (aka...the neighbor kids) Adryanna and Blake came over to play. We've been trying to do play dates here and there since the kids miss each other since we're in hybernation. They just adore each other and have SO much fun together. Thankful for great neighbors!!!
8. On Friday night we finished putting up our Christmas tree. (We started the process Thursday night). Brian and I debated (actually argued) about where to put the Christmas tree this year. Every year but the year Mase turned one we've had the tree upstairs. Unfortunately we recently moved our tv to where the Christmas tree normally goes thus no Christmas tree there this year. Brian wanted it downstairs like we did when Mase turned one so we could put a gate around the tree to keep Molly from it. As I'm sure you've all guessed...I won the battle and the tree is upstairs just in another spot that actually works (and looks) great. And get this Molly hasn't touched the tree once. Its this stinker who can't keep his hands off...
9. I wanted to get a picture of the two of them in front of the tree. They wanted nothing to do with it. Oh well I'll take them loving and hugging each other instead!!!
10. On Saturday Mason rode the Coopersville Santa Train with G&G Vugteveen for an early birthday treat. (My parents or mom have taken each grandchild out to do a fun activity for their birthday this year). Glad to report that he had a blast!

Waiting to board the train. You can see it coming in the background.
And then at night "his Justine" (our baby-sitter who is away at college) came to baby-sit so Brian and I could go out for an early anniversary dinner and movie. (We have a Christmas party on our actual anniversary). He loves that girl. Five days later and he's still talking about her!!! As for the night out...we had a great time. Dinner at Outback which is kind of our tradition and we watched Mockingjay (part 1). So good (in my opinion)!!!

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