Thursday, December 25, 2014

Ten On Thursday

1. Notice her chin. That would be a battle wound from her beloved big bro.
2. She knows how to climb UP but DOWN is another story. Mommy told her to figure it out. (She's only one step up on our fireplace).
 This is what she "figured out"...
(And no I did not let him lift her off the fireplace. I did end up helping her down).

3. This little boy was hit hard by the flu bug. It started late Thursday afternoon and lasted til late Saturday night. He threw up a total of 21 times. After 7 loads of laundry Thursday night (plus a trip to the laundry mat Saturday afternoon) he (thankfully) figured out how to throw up in a bucket so I wasn't doing laundry 24/7.
4. (or so it feels)...
5. Taking some "selfies" with my babes. In quotation marks between obviously I wasn't actually holding the was sitting nicely on the stool of the rocking chair.
6. Hopefully (fingers crossed) he'll want to ride his new bike come Spring. He looks excited here but refused to peddle.
7. Per tradition (and something Brian did growing up) we let each kid open a Christmas gift the last Sunday Eve before Christmas.
Mason got a sweet looking gun...
And Miss Molly got a new Little Peeps car...
8. Sweet baby wouldn't stop for a picture so into the basket she went.
On the other hand...Mase posed nicely for his mama.
9. Its nearly impossible to get a decent CUTE picture of these two littles. This is about as good as it gets. Don't you love Mases very fake smile!?!
This is how most turn out. Lol.
10. Hard to believe a YEAR ago I was preparing/getting ready to be induced for a baby (the morn after Christmas). What a blessing and beauty this little girl has been to our family...

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