Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Ten On Tuesday

1. No more bops...'cept in bed (as of November 21). This picture was taken on day 1 or 2 of this new adventure. He wanted a bop and I told him the only way he could have a bop was to be IN his bed. He took that to heart...took daddy's iPhone and his apple with him and he was GOOD TO GO!!!
 2. Loving her new "wheels"...
3. This kid makes me laugh every.single.day!!!
 4. Precious baby loves looking at books. Bless her little heart.
 5. Faster Mason faster. Else she WILL get you...
6. "Reading" to Molly...
7. Always trying on boots whether they be daddys or mommys.
8. My laundry helper. Gets a ride from the laundry room to her room and then helps me by emptying the basket one item at a time.
9. Two huge differences I've noticed between boys and girls (thus far). Girls scream and do so LOUDLY. Boys (occasionally scream) but definitely NOT as loud. Molly was screaming (for fun) in the car and Mason wanted her to stop so he started screaming too. Back and forth they went with Mason screaming for Molly to STOP which only made her scream louder (because she thought it was a fun game). Girlfriend has a piercing scream. Second difference is girls (more so) like to pick up while boys like to make an even bigger mess. Take blocks for example. Mason wants (and does) dump the whole loot of them out and then proceeds to throw them everywhere. Molly likes to take the blocks out one by one and then picks them back up one by one.

10. Molly's favorite place at Grandpa and Grandma V's house...
(The kitchen cupboard under the sink).

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