Thursday, January 29, 2015

Ten On Thursday

1. Daddy and Mase and Mols built a snowman. Brian took Mason out and Molly screamed until I dressed her to join. She is NOT to be left out of anything.
 And you better believe I made Brian jump in for at least one pic. Such a GREAT daddy!!!
2. About two and a half week ago Mase had a five day stint where he pooped/peed in his pants twice, just peed twice, and woke up a touch wet once. The first episode occurred the night we stayed at the hotel. When I went to put Molly to bed I asked Mase if he had to go potty...he said NO. Well a few minutes later (kicking and screaming) Brian brought him into our room and said..."he pooped and peed in his pants."  But worse than the fact that he had an accident was the fact that I had to clean up the mess. I took the chunk (and it WAS a chunk) of poop out of his undies and plopped it in the toilet. Then I flushed it. And that is when the toilet clogged. So embarrassing but we had to go to the front and get a plunger. However, it gets worse the plunger couldn't plunge the large chunk down so I had to put a plastic bag on my hand and break the poop up to get it to finally flush.!!! Good thing I'm a nurse and can handle that nastiness.

3. A friend of Brian's gave him this mask back on Halloween. Mason loves pulling it out to "scare" me...
4. Baby girl checking herself out. She was quite amused by this "mirror."
5. Nothing more precious than a daddy spending time with his babies. I am so fortunate!!!
6. One of my old bonnets. Hilarious.
7. I took the kids to an open gym (toddler time) last week Tuesday. They had a BLAST. And at $2 a kid the price can't be beat. It was an excellent way to burn off some energy!!!
Mase shootin hoops and getting his jump on.
Mols toddled around with this hula hoop for a good hour.
8. Last week Friday the kids and I met up with my mom and Cole and Brinley at the Kroc Center. The kids had tons of fun swimming their little hearts out. After swimming we grabbed lunch at McDonalds where my dad met up with us. What a fun afternoon!!!
9. Loving Molly's new (big girl) carseat...
10. Mason had another dentist appointment and he was once again a ROCKSTAR!!! This appointment was his first actual cleaning (brushing, flossing, and xrays). He made me a proud mama when he sat SO incredibly still for his four xrays. Even better news was the space where he's missing a baby tooth...there IS a permanent tooth (yea)!!! Oh and NO cavities.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Molly Thirteen Month Blurb

  • Still wearing a few 12 month clothing items but a week or so ago I put most of that size away. So now wearing mostly 12-18 and 18 month clothing. Still in size 3 diapers.
  • As of January 15 Molly Elayne became a professional walker!!! (Crawling is for babies...of which she is NOT). It's crazy how one day she was taking steps but mostly crawling and the next she was a walking machine. 
  • Loves to throw food to the ground while sitting in her highchair. 
  • Loves to pinch bare skin and pull hair. Ouch!!!
  • When you tell her NO to the above two items or to anything for that matter she immediately lays her head down on your shoulder. (Thinking its her way of saying sorry...please don't be mad).
  • When Molly turned a year old I tried taking away her lunch and dinner bottles. And instead gave her a sippy with the milk in it. That didn't fly so we went back to 4 bottles a day. But just the last few days we have finally gotten rid of the lunch and dinner bottles so she is officially a two bottle (Vit D) a day kinda girl (morning and before bed).
  • We finally bought a new car seat for Mols so she is officially out of the infant car seat. Yea!!! (Funny thing is Mase was out of the infant seat at 8 months...).

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Ten On Tuesday

1. Man I stink at blogging lately. Gonna go ahead and blame that on sickness and the cold weather. Because of sickness and the cold weather we've had many pajama-do-nothing-all-day kind of days. A few days ago Molly woke up covered in vomit. Thankfully her illness lasted a mere day but with it came us not leaving the house for a few days again. And with frigid temps in the single digits this momma finds it easiest to stay home.

2. Molly's one year pictures turned out SO cute. Here are my three faves...

3. We went to a hotel with a little water park inside with our neighbors a few weeks back...just for a night. The kids had SO much fun. It was absolutely perfect for their little ages (4,3, 2.5...and Molly at 1). Worse part (for me) was getting into a bathing suit. But that's not much to sacrifice to watch my kids faces light up with joy and excitement!!! Mommy fail = no pictures taken AT ALL.

4. Mason after a NO nap day. (Thankfully those days are still far and few between and typically happen on grandma baby-sitting/mommy work days). Brian set Mase on our bed, went to change Molly, and when he walked back into our room Mase was cashed right out
5. Mase and Molly (Mols is NOT to be left out of anything) LOVE being outside...
6. Mase loves sporting my headbands...and always ask for me to take a picture...for him to immediately see!

7. Happy Birthday (on Sunday) to my amazing grandpa...95 years young!!! Love this man!!!
8. Watching daddy cook our steaks...

9. On Saturday my sister, sister-in-laws, and I took my mom out for lunch for her birthday. It was so nice to just sit back and relax and catch up...doesn't happen when the whole family is together.
10. This little lady just lights my world...
I asked Brian to take a quick picture before church of just Mols and I. Mase was in an obvious non-picture taking mood.
But as soon as he saw me take a picture with Molly he put on his sad face. So I asked if he wanted to join in. And that would be a YES. Guess thats all it takes to get him in the mood for picture taking!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Ten On Tuesday

1. Last two pictures taken Christmas night. Oh how we LOVE this boy (and his sister but she was already in bed). So BEYOND thankful that God blessed us with him three years ago.
2. Whoa Mase...ease up...she IS your sister.
3. Sharing her paci with her baby doll. So sweet.
4. LOVE when she just plops herself onto my lap...
5. Molly got her one year pictures taken on January 2. My baby girl did SO good. She was SO happy and handed out tons of smiles!!! Such a different experience than when I got Mase's one year pics. (He cried the entire time but in his defense he wasn't feeling good). Here's a couple from my sneak peek. Will share more when I get my CD.
6. For the last few years its been tradition to go to Playworld with all the cousins over Christmas break. However, we switched it up a bit this year and went to Catch Air instead of Playworld. The kids had a blast and since the "big"girls are getting bigger they were a great help (entertaining) my littes. Plus Brian came with and I let him chase Mase around. Win-Win for me!!!
7. Mason and Molly did great at their three and one year appointments on January 5. Two very healthy children. Praise the Lord!!! Mason weighed in at 32 pounds and 4 ounces and measured 37.5 inches tall. Putting him in the 75th percentile for weight and 50th percentile for height. Molly weighed in at 19 pounds and 2 ounces and measured 28.5 inches tall. Putting her in the 50th percentile for weight and 40th percentile for height.

8. My deer babies...
9. Molly's latest bad habit...waking up at 6AM!!! Blaming it on the shots she received Monday at her well-child visit. Praying she reverts back to 7AM and ASAP. (And since I meant to post this a week ago and never did...Molly did revert back to her old ways. Thank goodness)!!!

10. One of Molly's favorite places to play...