Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Ten On Tuesday

1. Man I stink at blogging lately. Gonna go ahead and blame that on sickness and the cold weather. Because of sickness and the cold weather we've had many pajama-do-nothing-all-day kind of days. A few days ago Molly woke up covered in vomit. Thankfully her illness lasted a mere day but with it came us not leaving the house for a few days again. And with frigid temps in the single digits this momma finds it easiest to stay home.

2. Molly's one year pictures turned out SO cute. Here are my three faves...

3. We went to a hotel with a little water park inside with our neighbors a few weeks back...just for a night. The kids had SO much fun. It was absolutely perfect for their little ages (4,3, 2.5...and Molly at 1). Worse part (for me) was getting into a bathing suit. But that's not much to sacrifice to watch my kids faces light up with joy and excitement!!! Mommy fail = no pictures taken AT ALL.

4. Mason after a NO nap day. (Thankfully those days are still far and few between and typically happen on grandma baby-sitting/mommy work days). Brian set Mase on our bed, went to change Molly, and when he walked back into our room Mase was cashed right out
5. Mase and Molly (Mols is NOT to be left out of anything) LOVE being outside...
6. Mase loves sporting my headbands...and always ask for me to take a picture...for him to immediately see!

7. Happy Birthday (on Sunday) to my amazing grandpa...95 years young!!! Love this man!!!
8. Watching daddy cook our steaks...

9. On Saturday my sister, sister-in-laws, and I took my mom out for lunch for her birthday. It was so nice to just sit back and relax and catch up...doesn't happen when the whole family is together.
10. This little lady just lights my world...
I asked Brian to take a quick picture before church of just Mols and I. Mase was in an obvious non-picture taking mood.
But as soon as he saw me take a picture with Molly he put on his sad face. So I asked if he wanted to join in. And that would be a YES. Guess thats all it takes to get him in the mood for picture taking!

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