Thursday, February 12, 2015

Ten On Thursday

1. Mase had his yearly (renal) ultrasound back mid January. Afterwards he had some fun playing in the lobby. (And his US was unchanged from last year...which means we get to go again next year. Hoping that next year his hydronephrosis is completely resolved because I just got the bill in the mail today and it wasn't pretty :/).
 2. I was SO sick of Molly's sippys spilling that I got her some new. Think she likes!?!
Mason got the "boy" color. (It was a 3 pack).
3. My dad did something to his back just before Christmas. His new "wheels" are a fave among these two. (Again this picture was from back mid January).
4. Mason loves to take selfies with my phone...
5. Wish we had a toilet this size in our house...
6. Mason (and his daddy) won first place for their snowman at an event at our church. $10 to McDonalds was his prize. Bought himself (and daddy, mommy, and Molly) lunch!!!
7. We love For The Kidz Gym...
8. And after a good work-out we tested out the new donut shop in Hudsonville...Sprinkles. We approve!!!
9. Daddy bought Mase a new shirt. If you all know me...I am not a fan of Cartoony clothing. Just not my thing. However, Mase was in his glory. Wore the shirt for 2 days straight. Would.Not.Take.It.Off.
10. Snack time. Gatorade + Pretzels = YummO,

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