Thursday, February 19, 2015

Ten On Thursday

1. Mason took a {toy} hammer to my phone Super Bowl Sunday. Ouch!!! After he "broke" my phone he ran up to me telling me that he "broke" it. Then started crying that he wanted to go to bed. (It was only 8pm).
2. Love my little ROCKERS...
3. Yep he's THAT boy at the mall.
4. Look at those chipmunk cheeks. Loves her some apple.
5. One of Mason's favorite sayings lately..."Hey mom...look. Take a picture."
6. Sitting like a Queen Bee in the front seat. Thank goodness brother wanted to walk else this would not have flown. (She wouldn't sit in the back. She wanted to walk just like her brother which just wasn't working).
7. How Molly stays occupied while I shower....
 8. Brrr....
9. My {+} influenza A boy finally starting to feel better after 4 days of high fevers and not eating, a nasty nasty cough (going on just under two weeks now), a runny nose, and lethargic acting.
And then he passed the joy onto his lil sis. Lovely. Hoping tomorrow is our first fever free day since last week Friday.
10. Trying out pig tails. Maybe not "leaving the house" worthy but a way to keep her hair from sticking to her snotty runny nose. I also find this picture funny because she is staring at her brother's pacis. Pry trying to decide where to hide them ;). (She can now tell the difference between his and hers and never puts his in her mouth).

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