Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Journey to (Earthly) Baby #3: The Beginning and Beta 1

September 22, 2014
Called the Fertility Center to set up thee final consult appointment with Dr. Dodds. Appointment scheduled (first available) for October 22. (Good thing I called when I did).

October 22, 2014
Met with Dr. Dodds to set up our last (frozen embryo) transfer. Based on my cycle and the FET calendar we're looking at an early February 2015 transfer!!!

October 28, 2014
Had what I hope to be my last sonohystogram. My ute (uterus) looked great. Or in other words...ready to bake an embie or two!!! Told to call for my Lupron start date off my December cycle.

November, 18, 2014
Cycle started.

December 15, 2014
Surprised my cycle didn't start today. Normally once I am regular (as in a 28 day cycle) I stay regular.

December 16, 2014
 "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways," declares the Lord. 
Isaiah 55:8

As some say it only happens to my sister-in-law's aunt's cousin's sister's niece. In my case I would have agreed...but as already shown...God's ways are NOT my ways. Here's the back story: I woke up this morning with a nervous feeling in my tummy. I still had not received my tell-tale sign that my cycle was about to start. So I did something I've never felt the urge to do before...I took an hpt. I set the kids up for breakfast (to keep them distracted), popped in 2 Eggo waffles for myself, and then I headed to the bathroom to pee on a stick. (I had ONE hpt left from when I was pregnant with Molly. If you don't remember after I get a positive blood test I like to pee on a stick just for the fun of it). Wasn't in a million years thinking it would turn positive (just wanted reassurance that I would be getting my period soon). After peeing on the stick I headed back to the kitchen and took two bites of my waffle before walking back to the bathroom. And that is when I nearly shit my pants, started shaking, lost my appetite, and started crying. And not tears of joy. Tears of this cannot be! What is God doing? Why on earth would we get pregnant the month before preparations for our last transfer. I was suppose to start Lupron on day 21 of my December cycle. Be on Lupron 10-14 days. And then once my Lupron cycle started...18 days later (beginning of February) I would be implanted. And finally we could and WOULD close the infertility chapter FOR GOOD.

With tears in my eyes and my hand shaking I texted Brian..."Call me" "Or can I" "Yo" all within seconds of each other. He immediately called (if its not a rush I always text "Not an ER") and I just blurted out..."I think I'm pregnant." He was silent at first, scolded me about {our} lack of responsibility, and maybe asked a question or two (to be honest I really don't remember much of our conversation). After I got off the phone with Brian I called the Fertility Office. I (thankfully) got to talk to an IVF RN right away. She said the first step to confirm would be to do a blood test. So off to the West Pavilion I went to get my hcg drawn with my two kiddos in tow. And wouldn't you know my mom called just as we were pulling out of the parking lot. Of course she asked what I was doing (she was at work) and since there's not much I hide from my mom without thinking I blurted out "I think I'm pregnant." I'm leaving the West Pavilion where I just got my labs drawn. The first thing out of her mouth was scolding (about being careful and what not). To which I replied little too late and please don't scold me too...Brian already did that. (Feeling like a pregnant unmarried teen at this point). Then she changed her tune to you're right...this is an absolute miracle. 

The rest of the day was spent in a numb shock hoping that maybe just maybe the hpt was wrong. There was a knock on my door around 2. It was my mom. Around 2:30 my phone call came. I was in fact VERY pregnant. My hcg was 702. (My highest hcg to date was with the twins at 156). My response was...WHY IS THAT NUMBER SO HIGH!!!
And second how CAN this be? We were given a LESS THAN 1% chance of ever conceiving on our own. In answer to the first question...the nurse calling asked how sure I was of the start of my last cycle. My answer...VERY. She said I pry ovulated early but since it was not an IVF cycle it was hard to say. That night Brian and I talked lots (imagine that). I had a sleepless night but come Wednesday morning I was starting to get excited. And starting to dream of shocking the bejeebs out of EVERYONE!!!

December 17
4 weeks and 1 day


  1. Oh my gosh! How exciting! So happy for you! I know our other two babies were close together, but I will not be joining you this time around. Unless God performs a miracle for me as well, but that's not the plan. :)

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