Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Journey To (Earthly) Baby #3: Nerves and Sharing The WONDERFUL News

January 30, 2015
I told Brian last night that I had actually told my mom about the pregnancy back on the day I tested. I could tell he was slightly annoyed :) but all he said was that I was terrible at keeping secrets. I on the other hand feel like I keep them quite good. After all he didn't know that I told my mom 6 weeks prior. So just the kids and I went over to my parent's house to tell my dad the news. Mason gave him the picture (that announced our pregnancy)...and he immediately "got it" and was of course very happy for us. He even said...this was a surprise wasn't it? I said did you know? His response...normally I hear a play by play when its fertility and I haven't heard a thing.

Later that night we went out for dinner with my in-laws to tell them the news. Again I had Mason hand (my mother-in-law) the picture. It took her a minute before she got it but was quickly all smiles. She said when did you implant? You guys never said a word about it. To which I said we didn't. And then her excitement multiplied by a million.

January 31, 2015
Went to my nephew's soccer game this morning and afterwards went to my sister's house to eat lunch (and to tell her the news)!!! Gave her the picture and she was definitely surprised.

February 1, 2015
A few weeks back my mother and I concocted a plan. Nothing crazy but we thought it would be fun to tell the family when everyone was together. So she invited everyone over for Sunday dinner. While eating dessert I gave both my sister-in-law's the picture. Needless to say they were excited AND shocked when we said it wasn't fertility.

Later that night I texted my close girlfriends the picture. Once again the response was one of excitement and shock.

February 6, 2015
I made it a mere week and a half before my nerves started to get the best of me. The fact that my next appointment is still 3 weeks away is definitely NOT helping. I woke up with diarrhea this morning (at 11w3d) and have no appetite anymore. Guessing this is because we told everyone over the last few days so then I start freaking out that something bad is going to happen. And per my norm with nerves I lose my appetite. My OB's office called today saying they had to change my appointment because Jelsema was not going to be in the office on Feb 26. Asked if I could move it up to the 24th. Nope I work. Then asked if I could move it back to the 3rd. Thankfully I worked that day too but there is NO way I was moving it back 5 days with how I was already feeling. So it was moved up a week to February 19. Two weeks to go.

February 10, 2015
Decided that today I would doppler myself at work to hopefully hear the baby's heartbeat. Now let me say here that this doppler is actually to help find pulses and blood pressures. Stretching a bit to find an 11 week heartbeat. One of my friends at work helped me and initially all we could find was my own but then we heard that blessed sound. Sweet music to my ears. Wouldn't you know within an hour I was starving hungry again. Oh I loathe you.

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