Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Journey To (Earthly) Baby #3 : Week 14

If you haven't already noticed I have not been near as good at documenting (or taking belly pics) this pregnancy. I have been so exhausted and thus in bed by 8/8:30 most nights and if I get both kids down simultaneously to nap then mama is napping too. And as for picture taking...I feel like I rarely get ready these blistering cold winter days. Anyways...

February 24 28
How Far Along: 14 weeks 14 weeks and 4 days

Picture of Baby:
13 weeks 2 days with a heartbeat of 167

Maternity Clothes: Pulled them out of storage this past week. Guessing I'll start wearing some of my maternity pants here real soon. My leggings and sweats have served me real well up to this point.

Weight Gain: I started at 148 pounds. (Two more pounds than the start of Mol's pregnancy and 1 pound more than the start of Mase's pregnancy). I stink at getting on the scale so I've maybe only done it once or twice this pregnancy. I'm (guessing) I'm currently plus about 8-10 pounds.

Picture of Baby IN the Belly:
Sleep: The moment I hit 6 weeks I am up peeing 3-4 times a night. gets old...26ish weeks to go!

Movement: Nothing yet. But I have an anterior placenta so won't feel it as early I've been told. We shall see.

Symptoms: From the beginning...back and shoulder acne. Tiredness. Hot flashes. General "blah" feeling. Hunger. Cramping. Bad taste in my mouth. Bloating (especially after meals and gets worse as the day goes on). Retching started at 10ish weeks. Worse when I am tired.

Food Cravings: Meat and fruit. And eating OUT!!!

Gender: Going for the surprise again!!!

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