Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Journey To (Earthly) Baby #3: Ultrasounds Galore

December 29
Was giving Molly a bath when I felt some sharp cramping. Immediately checked and sure enough blood on my pad and blood when I wiped. Feeling like its the beginning of the end...again. But (as always) life goes on and I have dinner plans with my girlfriends so I slap on a smile and make the most of the night.

Jan 7, 2015
US day #2. Left a few minutes early due to the terrible roads but didn't leave nearly early enough. I was 15 minutes late. (I have NEVER been late to a fertility appointment IN MY 5 YEARS OF GOING...took me 50 minutes to get there when it normally takes 25). I surely didn't need the extra nerves (added to those I already had). Thankfully I was seen right away and after telling Dodds about the spotting and being prepared for this US to go either way...in the probe went and Praise The Lord we immediately saw a baby and a heartbeat!!! Baby measured in at 12.2mm or 7w3d (and today I am only 7w1d). Heartbeat of 144. According to Dodds everything looks perfect at this point. We did schedule one more US because I'm still nervous about miscarrying (because of my betas not doubling and the bout of spotting). US scheduled for Jan 22. I WILL (trying to be positive) be 9w2d at this appointment.
7 weeks and 1 day
8 weeks
January 22
US #3. Arrived plenty early today (didn't want to be late again)! Of course (fitting for my nerves) in walks a resident who says I'm so and so and I'm going to start your US and Dodds will be along in a minute. Thankfully I am a pro at "reading" ultrasounds by now because I immediately saw a baby with a heartbeat. (Whew)!!! The girl was fairly quiet so after a minute I asked if everything looked okay. Thankfully it did but I could have used some quicker reassurance. I am so use to Dodds saying everything looks great as he's checking things out. Dodds walked in and also did a once over and (per Dodds) told me immediately how great everything looked!!! I said to him at that point that I think its a girl. He laughed and said why and I said based on my symptoms. He asked what those symptoms were and I said EXTREME tiredness and EXTREME hunger. After getting dressed I met with him in his office and he told me I had officially graduated!!! He recorded his note to be sent to Jelsema and said blah blah blah...we were getting Lindsey set for her final implantation when she took matters into her own hands and went and got pregnant on her own :). (When I was leaving he told me not to tell "our secret" he wanted to stay in business. Love that guy!!! As for baby #3 s/he measured 27.5mm (coming in at 9w4d) with a heartbeat of 188.
9 weeks and 2 days

And just for my record keeping...my symptoms started right at 6 weeks. Symptoms included EXTREME tiredness, hunger (however very picky about what I'll eat because not everything sounds good. Going out to eat though always sounds good), bloated belly, general blah feeling all.the.time, water sounds terrible, milk is my go to drink, peeing all.the.time (and 3-4 times a night), and I have had 1 migraine. No wretching until I hit 10 weeks.

January 27
US #4. After my third ultrasound on Thursday I called my OB's office Friday morning and they squeezed me into the schedule for the following Tuesday at 3:30. Only problem was I was suppose to work that day. Long story short I had to tell my manager (but didn't get a hold of her until Monday late morning) and she okayed me to leave for my appointment and had the Charge Nurse cover for me. Per my norm I was nervous all day but was quickly relieved when I saw my sweet baby moving with a strong heartbeat. Crazy how much can change in 5 days. Baby was waving his/her arms and kicking his/her legs! Heartbeat on two different measurements was 183 then 175. Afterwards I met with my (high risk) OB and he said that everything looked perfect and that this pregnancy would follow Molly's but with a few change ups. Since this one was conceived natural...I will not have an ECHO and I will not have as many growth ultrasounds. (They do the growth scans because IVF pregnancies can cause more growth restrictions). My nurse was so excited to see me (and was SHOCKED when I told her this was not an IVF pregnancy). And Jelsema per his norm made me feel normal despite my nerves. (And he told me to tell Brian..."he's the man!") LOVE LOVE LOVE my doctors (and their nurses)!!!

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