Wednesday, March 11, 2015

16 Week Appointment and A Scare

When I came home from my last OB appointment 2 and a half weeks ago I asked my MIL if she could watch the kids for my next appointment (which was this past Monday) as well. Told her I would need her at my house at 8:40am (for a 9:15am appointment). This past Thursday I got my reminder call from the office. I answered it but hung up before getting to the appointment time. Then on Saturday while looking at my planner I saw that I had wrote down 10:15 for my appointment. I had NO idea when my appointment actually was. I figured the 10:15 had to be correct. But I didn't want to chance it so this morning I called the after hours line...(my office doesn't take phone calls til 9am)...and said my call is not an emergency but that I was just trying to figure out when my appointment was. The call lady tried transferring me to the front desk but no one answered. She told me to call back in 15 minutes. (Let me say here that my office starts appointments at 8am so people ARE at the desk). Anyways when I called back (to the after hours line) they sent my call through to the front desk and someone answered and my appointment 1015. That's how this appointment started. And unfortunately it didn't get better from there.

Monday's appointment was suppose to just be a cervical check plus of course meeting with my doctor. I should have started worrying when the US tech started doing a full growth check (measuring ALL the baby's parts). She said okay now I'm just going to have you lay here and go get Dr. Jelsema. I immediately went into panic mode. I have had this ( her) US tech for at least 30-40 ultrasounds between Mase/Mols/and this pregnancy AND SHE HAS NEVER SAID/DONE THAT BEFORE. I could feel my heart pounding. She came back in without my doctor and said I am just going to have you lay on your left side. And then she stepped back out again to look for Dr. J. What felt like 30 minutes later (pry only 5) they came back in. I turned back on my back and Dr. J explained the concern but not before first saying that baby looked great. The concern was with my placenta. It is what they would call abnormal. Not really an explanation for why its abnormal...just that 2/3rds of it look great while another 1/3rd or so doesn't. Dr. J reassured me again (while the tears started falling) that its just something that needs to be watched. Any guesses what my blood pressure was after that lovely scare...162/92. Crap.

I met with Dr J just a short bit later and he reassured me again that baby looks great and that's what we are going to focus on. Once or twice a month he sees an abnormal placenta with a healthy baby. No reason why but it just needs to be watched. Baby Hemy was measuring SIX days ahead so we know my placenta IS working good. But since I have an abnormal placenta and since my blood pressure sky rocketed I WILL now be getting growth checks every 4 weeks for the rest of my pregnancy. (Oh and my BP recheck after laying on my side was 136/62).

Praying that my placenta continues to function wonderfully for at least another 20 (but preferably another 23 weeks). Didn't need this added stress but overall feeling pretty good with my doctor's many reassurances. As he said..."you're paying me to tell you the whole truth. I will not keep any secrets from you." Have I told you all before how much I hate pregnancy. So.stinking.nerve.wracking.

And just some other tid bits so I don't forget...cervix measured in at 32mm (3.2cm) and baby's heartbeat was 152.

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