Friday, March 6, 2015

Molly at 14 Months (And A Week)

  • Molly thoroughly enjoys hitting people in the face. Daddy and I think you know what you are doing. You're laughing as you are do your patty gets lightly slapped and you are told NO NO. Sometimes this sends you into hysterics and other times you could care less.
  • On March 4 Molly climbed down our neighbor's stairs for the first time. And in the following two days she has climbed down our stairs multiples times. Yea Molly!!!
  • Molly is not a big television fan but does love her some Baby Genius (DVDs).
  • Molly has 9 teeth. Five teeth came in during the month of February. Saying it was a rough month is putting it lightly.
  • Molly loves trying on her shoes in her closet. She could sit in there for hours (with me) putting pair after pair on and off.
  • Molly is wearing 12-18 or 18 month clothing and size 3 Kirkland brand diapers. Size 3.5 or 4 shoes.
  • Molly's next well child check-up isn't until April 15. Guessing her to be upper 20 or low 21 pound range.
  • Molly still takes a 5oz bottle in the morning and gets a night time bottle but only drinks 1-2 ounces out of it before she hands it back to me/daddy. 
  • Bedtime is 7pm. Mollys been waking around 6:30/6:45am. (Wishing she would push this back to 7 or 7:30am).
  • Molly loves iPhones, remotes, and pushing the on/off button on my computer.
  • Molly loves look and find books, taking her socks off, and toothbrushes too.
  • Molly finally loves eating grapes and strawberries...just took us since 6 months!
  • Molly has been a once a day napper since she turned one.  She was fighting the morning nap so much that we just nixed it. Her nap always varies in length. Lately its been 2 hours long but sometimes its as short as an hour and a half and on really good days its three hours long. If we're just hanging out at home she's ready by 12:30 for her nap but if were out and about she can make it until 1:30...sometimes even 2:00. 
  • Ever since 9 months you have slept through the night. I can count on one hand since then how many nights we've been up with you. So thankful your such an amazing sleeper. 
  • Molly is a WOMAN in CHARGE. No body will get the best of her. She will fight back. (Oh and you can obviously tell she has a big brother).
  • I'm not sure if its a girl thing or a Molly thing but she LOVES to scream and whine. Its pretty much 24/7. The only times she's not screaming/whining are if I am carrying her around, I'm sitting on the ground with her, or if she is sleeping. Some days I can ignore it pretty well but some days it just drives me plain C-R-A-Z-Y. On those days you get time outs in your crib. She is worse with this with me or when I am around...lucky lucky me ;)
  • Favorite word (and person) is BY FAR mama. Occasionally says dada but Brian is typically referred to as are grandparents.
In her HAPPY place by her MAMA!!!

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