Thursday, March 5, 2015

Ten On Thursday

1. "Mom take my picture." (If you can't tell we were at Costco).
2. Them sitting together (at Costco) lasted about 5 minutes. Then Mason wanted to walk (typical for him). And a few minutes after that she started screeching because she wanted down too. And Molly down equals bad news.
3. On Saturday we made a Home Depot run for a couple things. Same story as above. Mols is as happy as can be UNTIL Mase wants down. Then she's too good for the cart too.
4. The kids and I went bowling with my parents and Cole and Brinley (whom they were baby-sitting) one day last week. It was a close game and in the end they (Mason, Cole, Brinley, and gma) were all winners!!!
And yes Brinley and Molly showed up wearing the SAME shirt.
5. Once up from her nap all she wants to do is wake her brother up. Gotta watch her like a hawk.
 6. The view I see 95% of my day. Good thing I LOVE her and her whining.
7. All ready for church in their hand me downs from cousins Cole and Brinley. (All the way down to their shoes).
8. Not sure why but this picture cracks me up. Watching some cartoons and refusing to smile before heading to church.
9. As much as they love the snow...mommy IS ready for Spring...please!!!
10. Christmas pj's in March? Couldn't resist this adorable hand-me-down from my sis. My girl is looking SO big.

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