Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Ten On Wednesday

1. He still loves {everything} Mario...
2. My two {little} Valentines (from over two weeks ago)...
3. Unfortunately this little guy came down with influenza the day before Valentines...but he still managed to open his presents with a smile :)
Play doh + a chocolate bar = Happy Boy!!!
4. She loved "opening" her present...
Blocks + a chocolate bar = Happy Girl!!!
5. What my daughter's hair looks like when I'm not home...
6. Leaving the library after having us some fun.
7. We I picked up all their toys before leaving to go bowling late one morning. Within two seconds of being home he dumps out the blocks and she the letters. And then two seconds later they are moving onto the next toy. Anyone else's kids love to dump and not necessarily play!?!
8. And he's stuck. Of course mommy said it was because he had his bop in his mouth. (He's only allowed bops IN bed).
9. Brian sent me this picture at work one night. This would be Molly in her pooping position.
10. Mason said he wanted to snuggle Molly. (Notice his hand on her shoulder)? LOVE LOVE LOVE these two!!!

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