Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Journey To (Earthly) Baby #3: Week 16

March 10 12
How Far Along: 16 weeks (and 2 days)

Picture of Baby:
Maternity Clothes: Mostly bottoms but some tops. Still wearing regular clothing too.

Weight Gain: Yeah didn't weigh myself.

Picture of Baby IN the Belly:
Sleep: Started sleeping with my body pillow this week. Sure this makes the hubby happy because now it feels like there are 3 people in our bed!!

Movement: Movement here and there but nothing consistent. Placenta is anterior.

Symptoms: Retching a lot and on occasion dealing with sciatic nerve pain. Tired. Tired. Tired. Boobs are definitely getting bigger (and achier). Still have acne (on back/shoulders). Started antibiotics (again) at 14 weeks. Take them every 2 weeks for 5 days...def make me feel more nauseous. 

Food Cravings: Not much of a snacker this pregnancy. Still prefer meat and fruit. Grape juice was a must buy last week. Can't drink orange juice lately.

Gender: Starting to think boy. Yes weight gain seems to come on quicker with girl pregnancies but tiredness this time around could be because yes I'm pregnant but I'm chasing around two littles. But with baby measuring so ahead and a heart rate of 152 I'm starting to be a little unsure of myself. Gut still tells me girl though...

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