Monday, April 6, 2015

Five On Monday

1. As I wrote in my last "Ten On" Molly loves strawberry jelly and peanut butter toast...she also LOVES ketchup..

2. And guacamole...
3. FIRST trip to John Ball Zoo for the year on April 1. A beautiful sunny and 63 degree day!!!
4. Our friends arrived!!!

Adryanna and Mason
Checking out the bear. Or as Molly says..."dawgie"
These crazy kids have SO much fun together!!!

5. Happy Easter {2015}!!! So thankful for our RISEN Savior. We (I) started the morning off snapping a few pics of my cuties. Molly needs to be bribed with candy which means her hand is often by her mouth...
My heart could explode with LOVE...
After church we went to G&G Vugteveen's with most of the Vugteveen clan. We enjoyed a delicious meal followed by gifts, an Easter egg hunt, and dessert. (Oh and the kids somehow got the daddies to take them to the park).
(Mase had NO time for pictures).
Had to taste test an egg (or two). And yes mommy put on Molly's "running" shoes.
After our afternoon naps...G&G Helmholdt came over. Kids got another small present, went on another Easter egg hunt, ate a yummy dinner of appetizers, followed by a little Mario Cart, and finally some ice cream dessert.
Mase was PUMPED about his cadbury eggs from mom and much so that he shoved one whole one in his mouth...
Love the excitement on her face. She understood the hunt this go around. No time wasted on taste testing!!!
Showing off his egg.

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