Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Molly-16 Months

My Molly girl is full of SASS. Hence why she is often called Sassy and Sassafras!!! 
  • She loves to screech/scream/and whine out orders. Is the queen of tantrums. She knows what she wants (and doesn't want). Isn't afraid to throw out a slap here and there. If she doesn't like something on her highchair tray she promptly throws it to the ground. Tell her NO...and she looks you straight in the eye...makes sure you are watching and throws whatever it is to the floor again.
  • If she gets first she does not want to be comforted. But after a minute or two she wants "up.'
  • Girlfriend is BEYOND picky in the eating department. Still gets a morning and a bedtime bottle. Shhhh don't tell.
  • Definitely prefers to be carried everywhere. (Unless you want to carry her...that is when she wants to walk). 
  • Needs to do EVERYTHING her brother does. Needs to eat/drink (that would include a little pop here and there) EVERYTHING her brother eats/drinks. 
  • Her vocab is continuing to explode. Loves pointing at mommy's belly and says "baby." Loves (absolutely loves) waving ba-bye. LOVES being outside. Loves "baby" swings and any slide. Loves doggies, her blankie, and her bop. (Yes she calls her paci a bop just like Mase).
  • Isn't always a fan of getting her diaper changed but when she poops she walks her little booty right on back to her room to get the stinkies out.
  • Had her first bout of stomach flu.
  • Doesn't like men. Except her daddy of course. She LOVES him. Likes her grandpas too...just has to warm up to them.
  • Is the most amazing sleeper. Goes down SO SO SO easy and sleeps 7/7:30ish to 7/7:30ish. Takes (most days) a solid 2 hour nap.
  • Is a BIG fan of her brother!!! (And the feeling is mostly mutual). Cannot wait to wake him if he's sleeping and she's awake. I say okay "lets get brother" and she is off. She does NOT need to be told twice. Calls him bro. Loves to hug and kiss him. And if he wants something that she has...she'll most likely give it to him if he asks.
On April 15 you had your 15 month well child check up and you are as healthy as can be!!! You weighed 20 pounds and 9 ounces. (50th%). You measured 30.5 inches tall. (50th%). And your head measured 18.25 inches round. (75th%).

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