Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Ten On Wednesday

1. All ready for church. Maybe if we dress Spring-ish...Spring will really truly COME!!!

2. Molly loves loves loves homemade strawberry jelly and peanut butter toast...
3. Nix the toast part. Maybe she just loves the jelly and peanut butter!!!! After she licks it clean she piles it up!!! (And yes my 15 month old still takes a bottle in the morning and at bedtime. Don't judge).

4. Grandma's ARE THE BEST!!! After spending an hour and a half with my mom developing pictures with my two littles in tow (no easy task)...grandma bought Mase a happy meal. (Molly conked out on the ride home). And the day before that Gma H gave mommy money to buy the kids lunch on my way home from my doctor appointment. Mase chose McD's cause he wanted guessed it...a happy meal. (Molly just split mommy's food. She doesn't know the difference yet).
5. They suckered mommy into letting them ride the motorcycle...
6. My little model. If you knew my niece Kylynn you know where he got his moves from. All I said was let me take a picture...he did the pose.
7. Cousins definitely make the best of friends. G&G Vugteveen were baby sitting Austin and Connor so we met them at Frog Hollow (best park ever)!!!
(Don't mind Mason's hat...major mommy fail...I took two Molly hats...whoops)!
All this lady wanted was the cookies.
I could EAT her ALIVE!!!
Sweet boy swinging!!!

8. Look who we ran into at Home Depot!?! on our Friday night errand(s) run!!!
9. Play date with my besties and their kids!!! 10 boys and 2 girls...missing 2 little ladies since their momma had to work. And believe it or not THREE more kids will be coming to this group in August!!! (Thankfully two of the three will be Helmholdt sex unknown...getting closer to evening the score)!!!
10. What my kids do when I am in the shower...

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