Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Journey To (Earthly) Baby #3: Weeks 21-23

April 29
How Far Along: 23 weeks (and 1 day)

Picture of Baby:
22 weeks

Weight Gain: Up a total of 22 22 weeks. Haven't weighed myself since.

Picture of Baby IN the Belly: (Skipped 21 weeks)...
22weeks {above}
23 weeks {below}
Sleep: I had a two week-ish stint where I didn't nap in the afternoon at all. (Was preparing and had a garage sale). But now I am back to napping most days (unless I'm working of course). Still have the occasional sleep insomnia.

Movement: Baby moves every day and movement is getting stronger.

Symptoms: Same-O. Same-O.

Food Cravings: Still loving me some pop. Water isn't tasting too bad these last few weeks though either!!!

Gender: As of today Mase said we were having a girl. I am still having mixed thoughts as to what baby #3 is. Just so thankful s/he is healthy. And SO excited for him or her to join our family in August!!!

Had my 22 week US a week ago and the appointment was mostly uneventful. Cervix measuring gave me a little scare so my BP popped up but thankfully cervix measured in at 30mm and BP came down nicely with me laying on my side. Baby's head was low so the US tech couldn't get a good measure through the abdomen and had to do the vaginal route. The vaginal route isn't what scared me it was the number of times she measured my cervix that started getting me worried. She measured my cervix like 10 times...waited...measured some more...waited and finally said all set. At this point I was freaking until she said final measurement was 30mm. Last cervical measurement is next week Monday!!! And since I will be 24 weeks its also a growth scan!!! Can't wait to see how big my baby is. Oh and for record sake baby's heartbeat was 155.

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