Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Indianapolis Weekend

Last weekend we took a little family trip to the great city of Indianapolis. Brian had heard from a friend at work how awesome the Indy Children's Museum was (and he was NOT lying). We decided to make a weekend of it and hit up the Indy Zoo too. We left as soon as Brian got home from work on Thursday and since it was a quick four hour trip (with only a stop at McD's for dinner) we arrived just after 8pm. Just enough time for Mase and Daddy to hit the pool and for Molly and Mommy to go to bed. Only one thing was forgotten. Unfortunately it was a big thing...Molly's pack n play. We asked at the hotel if they had a spare. No cigar. Thankfully after snuggling with mommy in the King sized bed Molly girl conked out and easily transferred to the back of the double stroller...where she slept from 10pm-ish to 6am-ish. She then woke scared out of her mind and slept another hour-ish snuggled in bed by me each morning. The rough part of these kind of trips is that Molly went to bed two hours later than her norm and only took a tiny 30 minute nap each afternoon. But we persevered through and had a great time!!!

Friday morning we woke up and headed to the zoo. Here were our {super cute} guides for the visit...
LOVE this picture because it is SO real life. Molly is such a lil diva and this is typical daddy frustrated with her little diva antics. 
Mommy and her babies.
Daddy and Molly {above} and Mase {below} on the Skyline Ride.
After the Zoo we headed back to the hotel for nap/quiet time. That was a BIG fail. Molly did not transfer from the car to the hotel bed. And after a bit of frustration we decided to go for a drive to see if she (and Mase) would fall back and to sleep respectively. Again that was a fail. We stopped at a local brewery where Brian went in to have a drink and the kids and I just chilled in the car. I dozed off and the kids were content watching their movies. After the brewery stop I told Brian I had found a park that I wanted to stop at to kill some time. It ended up being an amazing park and the kids played hard for a couple of hours. (PS...if ever in Indy visit Holliday Park...you will not be disappointed)!!!
Having a little snack {above} after playing hard on all the toys and enjoying a little walk {below} before heading to dinner.
I had done some "research" before leaving and found a fun kid friendly restaurant in Indy called Pizza King...where they deliver your drinks to you on a little train. We googled the closest one and after a 45 minute drive with some rush hour traffic (it should have only taken 15 minutes) we arrived. I cheerfully said to Bri (who wasn't so cherry) at least it doesn't look too busy...(it was close to 5:30 at this point). We went inside...it was empty...not a single customer. Add in the smell of smoke that almost knocked me to the ground. AND the fact that I immediately noticed NO trains would be delivering our drinks and I could see the smoke coming out of Brian's ears. ;) I asked at the ordering window about drinks being delivered on trains and they said "Oh the Pizza King in SO and SO does that." I asked how far that was from where we were...45 minutes. Crap. Smoke was now oozing out of the hubby's ears. Long story short we headed back to the brewery where we had stopped at earlier and THANKFULLY despite the fact that it was now 6pm we got seated on the patio immediately. We enjoyed some great food and some great beverages (a virgin strawberry daiquiri for me). And after dinner we stopped at a frozen yogurt place before heading back to our hotel for the night.
My tubby clean babies...despite the fact that Molly pooped in the tub on three different occasions. Meaning I cleaned up some poop. Cleaned up some more poop. Drained tub. Cleaned up even more poop. Drained tub again. Quickly soaped and cleaned kids up and got them asap out of the tub!!! Where Molly slipped and hit her head on the tiled floor. Sigh. Momma (and daddy) were definitely ready for baby girl to go to bed.

Saturday morning we packed up the car and headed to the Indy Children's Museum. And like I already said...IT WAS AMAZING. Five floors of crazy fun!!! We spent a good 5 hours before the kids reached their limits. We could have spent two days in that place but we did manage to hit up every exhibit. (Sorry for picture OVERLOAD).
The water areas were a HUGE place of happiness.
My little builders/construction workers...
Vrooooom Vroom...
CHEESE face...
Mr. Hollywood working the camera.
King Kong scaring Mommy and little sis just doing her own thing.
Mason's most favorite area was the Hot Wheels area. Kid had died and gone to hot wheel heaven. And pretty much refused to waste a minute by looking at the camera. Here my fave 3 are "fixing" the race car.
My handsome boys plus a polar bear.
The Transformers area was pretty cool too...
This girl squeezed her way in. Had to take a picture. This is a woman in charge :)
And even though it doesn't appear so in this picture this was where Mase (and Mol's) frequent meltdowns began. And so it was time to head home...but not before we promised to come back someday!!!

Monday, May 25, 2015

Ten On Monday

1. Super fun day at the zoo with friends (one day last week)!!! Here's the fab four checking out the kangaroos...
Adryanna and Mason showing us where they wanted to go next...to the bears!!!
Sassy thought she was pretty cool standing on the picnic table...
Mommy and her loves. Molly was {obviously} not in the mood. I have may have gotten a better pic but this one just makes me smile.
2. "Helping" mommy weed the garden box in preparation for our beans.
Girlfriend loves her some dirt.

3. Loving her new slide...which she pretty much literally flies down.
4. Having a little snack on the deck with his BFF...
5. What's wrong with this picture...?
Umm the fact that Mase would much rather ride his push motorcycle than his bike...even IF his friend's are both on theirs.

6. Playing at South Elementary's playground...
First teeter totter experience...
7. For the last few days (since teething I should say) this girl wakes half way through her nap screaming...and all she wants to do is cuddle!!! How can I refuse!?!
8. Memorial Day Parade with cousins.
(Minus Easton since he was in the UP with his daddy).

9. My two Memorial Day cuties.
10. Not sure how this is comfortable but this is how Mason was watching his "quiet time" movie. And yes that is a bop in his mouth. When he started refusing naps a month or so ago we regressed IMMENSELY in the bop is only for sleeping department. He pretty much has it whenever we're inside our house. Guess were just gonna have to cut him off it cold turkey {later this summer}.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Ten On Sunday

1. I had to work Mother's Day {BOO} but the hubby made it EXTRA special by bringing the littles to me!!!
2. The day after Mother's Day we celebrated Grandma H by taking her (and grandpa) out to Crazy Horse (which also happens to be one of my fave restaurants. The kids made dinner eventful but who really needs a relaxing meal anyways!!!
3. When we got home from dinner...Molly got her first "mini gator" ride from her buddy Blake. She LOVED every minute of it and typical Molly...she did not want to get off.
4. Somebody snuck outside (because somebody opened the garage door for her). Oh and that somebody was not mommy.
5. Happy Mother's Day {a week late} to ME. Love these babies with all my heart. And I cannot wait for our next little miracle to join us in 3ish (EEK) more months!!! And as always I miss my babies in heaven but will forever be thankful for the short amount of time we were blessed with them.
6. I hosted Mother's Day (and my dad's Birthday) last week Sunday. One of my nephews was sick but everyone else was present and mostly cooperative for a quick photo shoot with papa and grandma...
Happy Birthday Papa!!!
Happy Mother's Day Grandma!!!

7. The only "bike" this kid will ride...
8. What refusing an afternoon nap looks like at 5pm...
9. Teething bought this little lady a trip into mom and dad's bed. Needless to say she was comfy. Mom and dad NOT so much.
10. Since I worked Mother's Day and I work Father's Day...when we dropped off the girl's flower we snapped a quick family picture. SO incredibly thankful for our TWO miracles in heaven. The TWO miracles in our arms. And THE MIRACLE in my belly.