Sunday, May 24, 2015

Ten On Sunday

1. I had to work Mother's Day {BOO} but the hubby made it EXTRA special by bringing the littles to me!!!
2. The day after Mother's Day we celebrated Grandma H by taking her (and grandpa) out to Crazy Horse (which also happens to be one of my fave restaurants. The kids made dinner eventful but who really needs a relaxing meal anyways!!!
3. When we got home from dinner...Molly got her first "mini gator" ride from her buddy Blake. She LOVED every minute of it and typical Molly...she did not want to get off.
4. Somebody snuck outside (because somebody opened the garage door for her). Oh and that somebody was not mommy.
5. Happy Mother's Day {a week late} to ME. Love these babies with all my heart. And I cannot wait for our next little miracle to join us in 3ish (EEK) more months!!! And as always I miss my babies in heaven but will forever be thankful for the short amount of time we were blessed with them.
6. I hosted Mother's Day (and my dad's Birthday) last week Sunday. One of my nephews was sick but everyone else was present and mostly cooperative for a quick photo shoot with papa and grandma...
Happy Birthday Papa!!!
Happy Mother's Day Grandma!!!

7. The only "bike" this kid will ride...
8. What refusing an afternoon nap looks like at 5pm...
9. Teething bought this little lady a trip into mom and dad's bed. Needless to say she was comfy. Mom and dad NOT so much.
10. Since I worked Mother's Day and I work Father's Day...when we dropped off the girl's flower we snapped a quick family picture. SO incredibly thankful for our TWO miracles in heaven. The TWO miracles in our arms. And THE MIRACLE in my belly.

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