Monday, May 25, 2015

Ten On Monday

1. Super fun day at the zoo with friends (one day last week)!!! Here's the fab four checking out the kangaroos...
Adryanna and Mason showing us where they wanted to go the bears!!!
Sassy thought she was pretty cool standing on the picnic table...
Mommy and her loves. Molly was {obviously} not in the mood. I have may have gotten a better pic but this one just makes me smile.
2. "Helping" mommy weed the garden box in preparation for our beans.
Girlfriend loves her some dirt.

3. Loving her new slide...which she pretty much literally flies down.
4. Having a little snack on the deck with his BFF...
5. What's wrong with this picture...?
Umm the fact that Mase would much rather ride his push motorcycle than his bike...even IF his friend's are both on theirs.

6. Playing at South Elementary's playground...
First teeter totter experience...
7. For the last few days (since teething I should say) this girl wakes half way through her nap screaming...and all she wants to do is cuddle!!! How can I refuse!?!
8. Memorial Day Parade with cousins.
(Minus Easton since he was in the UP with his daddy).

9. My two Memorial Day cuties.
10. Not sure how this is comfortable but this is how Mason was watching his "quiet time" movie. And yes that is a bop in his mouth. When he started refusing naps a month or so ago we regressed IMMENSELY in the bop is only for sleeping department. He pretty much has it whenever we're inside our house. Guess were just gonna have to cut him off it cold turkey {later this summer}.

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