Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Ten On Wednesday

1. Mase (and Mols) Mega Rider (for their new swing set) arrived...
 2. Daddy has been hard at work...
 3. is GOOD!!!
4. I turned and saw them randomly hugging. Of course momma snapped a quick pic.
5. Girlfriend cannot keep her hands off the T.V buttons. Tell her "NO" and she stares you down...
6. Building {the shed} + rain ='s a muddy muddy mess.
7. One of Mason's favorite activities as of late...picking worms and
putting them on his head.
 8. Another fave {activity}...running through mud puddles.
 9. "Up" is this girls most favorite word.
10. Hanging with cousins, throwing rocks in the water, and eating chocolate makes for a good day!!!

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