Thursday, May 7, 2015

Ten On Thursday

1. Slow and steady progress on the shed with helper Mason.
 2. A rare night out with my besties and our hubbies to Kobe!!
 3. Helping mom return $13 worth of popcans...
 4. Tulip Time...a week early!!!
5. Mason was playing at our neighbor's house the other night and I was sent this picture to show Brian. FYI...we are Michigan fans...obviously our neighbors are not. Lol.
6. We met my friend Lindsey and her daughter Maddie in the mall play area last week. Go figure in the hour and a half we were there Mase had to pee once and poop once. Molly didn't mind...
7. Praying my kid is not the only naughty one out there. (This was at JCPenny).
8. After a long day of playing outside in the sun this kid was sleeping by we were on our way to get ice cream. And no we did NOT wake him.
 9. How Molly's hair looks every morning...
10. Loving (absolutely loving) that Spring/Summer (depending on the day) weather is here. On Monday we took a walk to see the goats. Unfortunately they were in the barn.
Picking the beautiful flowers...
Girlfriend was sick of walking.
Mase giving sis a ride...
And this is how our walk ended. SO SO SO glad I took the stroller with.

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