Friday, May 8, 2015

The Journey To (Earthly) Baby #3: Week 24

May 8
How Far Along: 24 weeks (and 3 days)

Picture of Baby:
{Waving at mommy}
{23 weeks and 6 days}

Weight Gain: Up a total of 26 pounds as of this past Monday morning.

Picture of Baby IN the Belly:
{24 weeks}

Sleep: Loving me some short afternoon naps. And loving that (at least as of lately) I have not been having any sleep insomnia at night!!!

Movement: Baby is a mover and shaker!!!

Symptoms: Was on my feet (continuously) for 2.5 hours this past week in the 80 degree heat and yikes-a-roonies did my feet swell. These next 3 months could be very interesting in the swelling department.

Food Cravings: Salty almonds. Slushies.

Gender: As of this week Mase wants it to be a brother...AND HE MEANS BROTHER!!! One morning I asked him if he wanted to feel baby move. He said NO. I said you're just like your dad. (Although in his defense he was comfy on the couch playing with his phone when I asked). Molly gets up and immediately lifts my shirt and says BABY!!! She LOVES "her" baby. I said to Mase are you sure you don't want to feel your brother or sister move, He screams BROTHER but no he still did not budge off the couch. We could have something with {Mase} if baby turns out to be another sister!!!

Had my 24 week cervical check (last one this pregnancy!!!) and growth scan this week. And I am very happy to report that all is well. Cervix was back up to 38mm. Baby H's heartbeat was 155. Baby is estimated to weigh 1lb 11oz (as of this past Monday). And blood pressure was 124/72. Next appointment is simply a blood pressure check at 26 weeks and the following appointment (at 28 weeks) is another growth scan. Can't believe I won't see my sweet baby's face for a whole month. Gonna be in some serious withdraw ;)

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