Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Ten On Wednesday

1. Check out my sweet new ride (that we got back the end of April). Absolutely loving all the extra room (as are the kiddos). And it's one thing we can check off our list in preparation for baby #3.
2. Found these gems off Brian's phone that I forgot to send my way (until last week) from way earlier last month. First fishing/swimming fun of the year at Gpa and Gma H's house.
(Mase loves anything and everything baseball...hence his helmet).
Just a daddy fishing and his precious babies being all excited about the fishies.
3. Mason Dale- 3 years 4 months and loving the sand and chilly water!!!
 4. Molly Elayne-16 months and loving the slide!!!
5. Maybe the red Popsicle wasn't such a great idea...
What is all this colored stuff on my hands (and legs)?
6. So a few weeks back while putting Mason in his car seat I dropped my phone...and put a nice crack in it. Annoying...YES. Usable yet...YES. Then maybe 5-ish days later while talking to my mom on the phone while in the mall parking lot...I stupidly tried to get the double stroller out of the back of the van...and dropped my phone again. This time it must have hit the cement just right because once off the phone with my mom...IT NO LONGER WORKED. Long story short good thing Brian was up for a new phone and that it happened the day before we left for Indy so I didn't really need a phone anyways (since I was obviously with the hubby). After 5 (kinda refreshing) days of NO phone Brian's new phone arrived and I inherited his old one...and was back in action!!! Biggest perk of the new phone is the camera. Works a thousand times better than my old one did.
7. Fun at Spring Grove Park with friends...(Memorial Day night after some yummy ice cream was first ingested).
Girlfriend thought she was big enough...and mad as all get out when she obviously was not.
8. My view (on our walks) these days. Mols has to push a mower (or ride in the wagon) and Mase is either on the Minnie Mouse rider or his push motorcycle (never his bike)...
9. My Mario lover (shirt, hat, gloves) playing baseball.
10. The first of many trips to the goats this year.

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