Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Ten On Wednesday

1. This kid. He won't take a nap but once a week so this is how he cashes out most nights...
2. Loving Molly's new (from Christmas) water table!!!
3. Zoo with DADDY...means finally getting to feed the pudgies and getting to go on a camel ride!!!
Molly loved climbing through the train and walking across the rope "trampoline" (with DADDY).
Mase LOVES petting the goats. Molly NOT so much...
Mason LOVED how close the bear and tiger were on this trip to the zoo...
4. Enjoying a bike ride with his cousin Brinley. (And grandma)!!!
5. Played at 8th Avenue Park (well the beach part) with cousins. Since we weren't in suits this girl played in her shirt and diaper. As you can imagine the shirt was quite wet and dirty so after a diaper change...the pants went back on and she became shirtless instead. She loves being a naked baby!!!
6. LOVE the moments these two share!!!
7. He wanted to play in the rain. Lasted all of a minute.
8. He wants to be in ALL my {belly} pictures lately...
9. Like I said {above} LOVE these special moments (that I capture on camera) of these two!!!
10. The view can't get much better than this (in my opinion)!!!

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