Thursday, July 30, 2015

Ten On Thursday

1. This girl is determined. She WILL get those buckles buckled. (Her latest favorite activity when at the lake).
2. Too lazy to change her into a swim diaper or suit...
3. Just like Papa Duke (my dad). Loves to water the grass!!!
4. Getting his eyes checked. Thankful for perfect vision!!!
5. Spending the afternoon chilling at/in Aunt Courtney's pool. Molly loved riding Crocky with Cambrey.
6. This girl is OBSESSED with her "B" (blankie). I told her NOT to take it in the pool but as you can obviously tell by the picture she ignored me and took it in. And yes she still slept with a sopping wet blankie and could have cared less.
7. ZONED...
8. One night I was reading my book. Mase wanted to get some of his cars that had fallen off the deck. I said okay. I could hear him talking...saying stuff like "don't get me." I looked up and this is what I saw. A freshly cleaned ready for bed kid running through the sprinklers!!!
9. This baby (just like his/her big bro and sis) likes to reside on the right side of my uterus. Must have more room on that side.
10. Move over Mommy and Daddy...I got this!!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Ten On Wednesday

1. Here goes nothing...
Moved Molly into Mason's room on July 18. For the most part they are doing well together. Biggest issue is with them waking each other in the mornings. For the most part they go to bed good (although NOT at the same time) and thankfully they sleep through the night just fine. Nap time together was a major fail so Mase normally does his nap/quiet time in either daddy and mommy's room or on the couch.

2. Girlfriend had NO problem adjusting to her new crib (and room). She is still my awesome little sleeper!!! Let me remind you that Mason freaked out when we moved him and climbed out of his crib (at the ripe age of 20 months) on night one of his move.
3.A little wrestling action with daddy.
4. Reading books with Papa...
5. Came out of the shower one Sunday morning to this precious sight. Watching something on the iPhone together!
6. Spent another relaxing evening on G&G H's lake. M&M loved checking out the (little) fish that daddy caught for them.
and Molly enjoyed a paddle boat ride.
7. The rest of us were eating ice cream by the kitchen table. She seemed too quiet. I looked in the family room and there she was.
18 MONTHS going on 18 YEARS

8. Brother suffering from a little bop (aka...paci withdraw). Sister let him have a few licks off hers.
9. Came out of my room one evening to this. Trouble I tell ya. Not sure how many he ate before I caught him. Note to self...put ALL groceries away before changing into comfy clothes!!!
10. My view one afternoon while my father-in-law painted my kitchen and laundry room.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Journey To {Earthly} Baby #3: Week 36

July 28
How Far Along: 36 weeks

Picture of Baby: Not until s/he is here.

Weight Gain: Up 50 pounds.

Picture of Baby IN the Belly:
{36 weeks}
Sleep: Eh. Three weeks and counting.

Movement: Baby is still a mover and a shaker...{thank goodness}!!!

Symptoms: EXTREME exhaustion. Achy. Back hurts if I stand for too long. Braxton Hicks. Constipation. Indigestion.

Food Cravings: OJ, fruit, chocolate, and anything COLD.

Gender: After my two Non Stress Tests (last Friday and yesterday) I'm back to thinking girl. Heart rate stayed 150 or higher for pretty much the duration of both tests. Baby passed both times with flying colors and blood pressure has been super stellar (120s/60s). Next NST is this coming Thursday.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Journey To {Earthly} Baby #3: Week 35

July 21
How Far Along: 35 weeks

Picture of Baby: Not until s/he is here.

Weight Gain: Up 46 pounds.

Picture of Baby IN the Belly:
{35 weeks}

Sleep: Hasn't been too stellar lately. Quite a few nights where I just lay in bed for an hour or more (in the middle of the night) just hoping...wishing...praying I'll fall back asleep. I am just achy and never feel rested. (And I get told often how tired I look).

Movement: Baby is still a mover and a shaker...{thank goodness}!!!

Symptoms: Extreme exhaustion. Achy. Back hurts if I stand for too long. Braxton Hicks. Constipation (Hello Colace).

Food Cravings: OJ, fruit, chocolate, and anything COLD.

Gender: Both kids are rooting for team BLUE. We should know in 5 weeks OR LESS!!! Momma is starting to lean that way too but since I originally thought girl I'm saying 55% girl to 45% boy.

My 35 week appointment went alright. Blood pressure was a whopping 154/94 so I bought myself (err...doc ordered) some Labetalol (a BP med) and a twice a week NSTs. My first NST starts this Friday. BP med starts tonight. Dcotor threw out induction between 37-38 weeks but I wouldn't be surprised if it didn't happen til 39 weeks. He mentioned 38-39 with Mols and I didn't get induced until 39 weeks with her. We'll take it week by week. Also ha a trace of protein in my urine (a first this pregnancy). Baby's heartbeat was once again 145.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Ten On Saturday

1. Found a new favorite park to visit...Sunrise Park right in our own little town. The kids LOVE the tire swings.
2. This girl has NO fear. Anything brother can do...she can do {better}.
3. Family night at Holland Beach. When we left Hudsonville it was 80. When we arrived in Holland the temp had dropped all the way down to 68. (Mind you this is only a 25 minute drive). Not cool. Glad I had sweatshirts for me and the kids in the van.
4. Bubbles. Bubbles. Bubbles. These kids LOVE bubbles!!!
5.Swim lessons day #2
"Mr. Mike Mr. Mike. Am I done." Says Mase after each jump.

6. Smiling despite feeling sad that he had to go back on day 3. At least he didn't fight me this year nor did he shed any tears. Just gave me the sad face and asked why every day.
Swimming the length of the deep end!!!
7. Molly wanted to swim in the worse of ways. Sorry girlfriend. Next year you will (and I'm sure you'll be wishing you weren't).
Watching brover (brother)...
8. Do ya think Molly or her romper enjoyed her red Gatorade more...??
9. These look good right!?! (Had to try his friend Adryanna's sunglasses on).
10. Crazy skyline this morning as the storm rolled in...

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Ten On Thursday

1. Oh summer. Sweet.sweet.summer...we love you!!! Girlfriends + hubbies + children ='s loads of fun and craziness!!!
Boat ride fun!!!
My boys enjoying the raft.
13 precious children...(only missing sweet Harris)...with 3 more on the way.
Lawson and Cohen. Molly and Mason. Ezra (skip the next two girls) Naomi and Josiah. (Back to the two girls) Tenley and Quinn. Jude, Rhys, and Wells. Levi
Mason dancing with his buddies Jude and Rhys.
Me {33 weeks} and my beautiful friend {34.5 weeks} who by the way is due with twin girls.
The moms: Gretchen, Karie, Melissa, Me, Janna, and Rach...just missing our friend Krista.

2. Boating at G&G Vugteveen's house...with cousins Austin and Connor...
3. Sweet boy of mine. Wanted to nap with could I say no. And last picture of him with a bop in his mouth since mean mama had been cutting it down and after this day he was no longer interested in it. Happy but {kinda sad} day!!!
4. Waiting for the U.P.S guy. He saw the truck coming from up the street. Asked if he was going to stop by our house. Told him I didn't know...(I didn't). Boy was he excited when he did. Mase is obsessed with spotting U.P.S trucks anywhere and everywhere!!!

YEA!!! He stopped.
5. Saturday morning trip to Menards. Don't judge me. Yes I am that mother who lets her children play in the fountains. It kept them very occupied while dad waited to pay.
6. Talk about major upper body strength...
7. At the doctor trying to figure out why he blinks so much. (Long story short. He has these crazy blinking spells that come and go for over a year now. Thinking its related to stress because it comes at times when he's worried about things (baby coming, swim lessons, etc) and thankfully his doctor is in agreement. Just didn't want to overlook it and it really end up being something. His PCP does want him to have an eye exam just to be sure though so hoping to get that within the next 2-4 weeks. (Hopefully before baby)!!!
8. Getting sister's 18 month labs checked. Can you tell he's happy its not him getting poked. Lol. (FYI...labs came back good).
9. Day 1 of swim lessons got canceled. Didn't have the same luck with day 2...

Ready. Set. Let's S-W-I-M...
10. We love Maplewood Splash Pad and Park. Especially when we go with friends...
Adryanna, Molly, Blake, and Mason
Girls gonna be ripped ;)
"Mr." Nick, Blake, Dryanna, Mason, Daddy, and Molly enjoying a snack after the splash pad.