Thursday, July 9, 2015

Camping {Part Three}

Saturday morning was our last full day and just like the other two mornings it started off on the "chillier" side but progressed to another beautiful day. On this morning Uncle Brandon took out some poppers and the kids went to town.
This girl was ALWAYS running away. Thank goodness Cambrey liked chasing her down!!!
Stomping a popper on dad's feet.
The "Vugteveen" girls...Molly with Cambrey, Brinley, Addisyn, and Kylynn,
And the "Vugteveen" boys...Mason, Easton, Cole, Connor, and Austin
Killing time til it was beach time. Building with wood and enjoying the bubble machine.
And finally it was time for the beach. Unfortunately the flies were biting like crazy. SO weird since the day before there wasn't even a fly in sight. So we checked out a new beach called Duck Lake (a mix of Lake Michigan and obviously Duck Lake). The flies were way better (thank goodness) and the water was warmer, shallow, and clean for the kids. Only downside was the 15 minute drive. We enjoyed a few hours there before it was time for the Helmholdt clan to head home for little Miss Mols to get a nap in.
The night was spent like all the others...relaxing, eating, playing, and chipmunk "catching"...
Yummy treat from Aunt Courtney
Family shot in front of our (rented) trailer.
And last wagon ride of Camping 2015.

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