Thursday, July 9, 2015

Camping {Part Two}

Once the sun came out we packed up some lunches and headed down to the big beach. (In past years we sat by Muskegan Lake but since there is pretty much no beach left to the big beach we went instead this year). Good thing the big beach (aka...the beach by Lake Michigan) at Muskegan is nothing like Holland or Grand Haven...meaning no rush to get a spot by the water. We got there when we got there and always got (get) a spot by the water!!!
Molly, Brinley, and Aunt Courtney
The water was a wee big chilly but still "warm" enough to be enjoyed. Grandma and Molly even did a little boarding!!!
Beach baseball...Mase was in heaven!!!
The two babies...Connor and Molly.
Family shot.
My blonde haired blued eyed cuties.
Sand surfing with Cambrey.

After a hamburger dinner off to the ice cream shoppe it was. Followed by the kids going to bed and the adults sitting by a fire.
Kylynn with Mason, Cambrey, Easton (poking his head in in the back), Addi, and Cole.
Mommy and her babies...all {almost} 3 of them!!!
Grandma and her baby girls.
G&G with their 10 little blessings!!!

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