Wednesday, July 15, 2015

{Molly} 18 Months

22 pounds 3 ounces BIG (50th%) and 31.5 inches tall (50th%). Head is still in the 75th%. Love my healthy growing girl!!!
  • Her favorite words...mommy, daddy, brover (brother), why, hi, and doggy. But girlfriend's vocabulary has just exploded. Repeats almost everything we say.
  • After asking about doggy in the morning she asks where daddy is. I tell her at work and she asks "why?"
  • She is obsessed and I mean OBSESSED with doggies. First thought when she wakes in the morning and last thought before bed at night. Waves and says "hi" to every single dogie she sees in between. Likes stuffed dogs, real dogs (from a distance), and watching dogs on iPhones.
  • Loves watching EIEIO (Old McDonald) on our iPhones and saying all the animals sounds.
  • Still obsessed with her bop and "B" (her blankie). Have to sneak it into the wash machine when I wash it else she will scream bloody murder until its back in her hands. Camping she dragged it with her everywhere she went.
  • Visited the great state of Indiana just before she turned 17 months.
  • Her screeching and whining has toned down a "wee" bit this last month. Still does it a decent amount though.
  • She is a woman IN CHARAGE.
  • Took in her last bottle at 16.5 months. And ever since hasn't been that into milk. So instant carnation (chocolate milk to her) is what she gets in the morning. (Just like Mase).
  • She's gotten a full mouth of teeth...just missing one eye tooth and her 2 year molars.
  • Starting in May her early bedtime of 7/7:30pm...moved all the way back to 9pm. And she fights going down a handful of times each week. So she often gets rocked to sleep.
  • Loves loves loves her brother and loves loves loves the baby in mommy's belly.
  • Copies pretty much everything her brother does.
  • Finally likes to be consoled when injured. Wants her boo boo kissed.
  • Can get her to do almost anything for a piece of candy.
  • Is an awesome helper and picker upper!!! (Huge boy vs girl difference in this household).
  • Despises when mommy brushes her hair.
  • Will fall asleep in the car for nap time...but stays wide awake in the car at night before bed.

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