Saturday, July 18, 2015

Ten On Saturday

1. Found a new favorite park to visit...Sunrise Park right in our own little town. The kids LOVE the tire swings.
2. This girl has NO fear. Anything brother can do...she can do {better}.
3. Family night at Holland Beach. When we left Hudsonville it was 80. When we arrived in Holland the temp had dropped all the way down to 68. (Mind you this is only a 25 minute drive). Not cool. Glad I had sweatshirts for me and the kids in the van.
4. Bubbles. Bubbles. Bubbles. These kids LOVE bubbles!!!
5.Swim lessons day #2
"Mr. Mike Mr. Mike. Am I done." Says Mase after each jump.

6. Smiling despite feeling sad that he had to go back on day 3. At least he didn't fight me this year nor did he shed any tears. Just gave me the sad face and asked why every day.
Swimming the length of the deep end!!!
7. Molly wanted to swim in the worse of ways. Sorry girlfriend. Next year you will (and I'm sure you'll be wishing you weren't).
Watching brover (brother)...
8. Do ya think Molly or her romper enjoyed her red Gatorade more...??
9. These look good right!?! (Had to try his friend Adryanna's sunglasses on).
10. Crazy skyline this morning as the storm rolled in...

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