Thursday, July 16, 2015

Ten On Thursday

1. Oh summer. Sweet.sweet.summer...we love you!!! Girlfriends + hubbies + children ='s loads of fun and craziness!!!
Boat ride fun!!!
My boys enjoying the raft.
13 precious children...(only missing sweet Harris)...with 3 more on the way.
Lawson and Cohen. Molly and Mason. Ezra (skip the next two girls) Naomi and Josiah. (Back to the two girls) Tenley and Quinn. Jude, Rhys, and Wells. Levi
Mason dancing with his buddies Jude and Rhys.
Me {33 weeks} and my beautiful friend {34.5 weeks} who by the way is due with twin girls.
The moms: Gretchen, Karie, Melissa, Me, Janna, and Rach...just missing our friend Krista.

2. Boating at G&G Vugteveen's house...with cousins Austin and Connor...
3. Sweet boy of mine. Wanted to nap with could I say no. And last picture of him with a bop in his mouth since mean mama had been cutting it down and after this day he was no longer interested in it. Happy but {kinda sad} day!!!
4. Waiting for the U.P.S guy. He saw the truck coming from up the street. Asked if he was going to stop by our house. Told him I didn't know...(I didn't). Boy was he excited when he did. Mase is obsessed with spotting U.P.S trucks anywhere and everywhere!!!

YEA!!! He stopped.
5. Saturday morning trip to Menards. Don't judge me. Yes I am that mother who lets her children play in the fountains. It kept them very occupied while dad waited to pay.
6. Talk about major upper body strength...
7. At the doctor trying to figure out why he blinks so much. (Long story short. He has these crazy blinking spells that come and go for over a year now. Thinking its related to stress because it comes at times when he's worried about things (baby coming, swim lessons, etc) and thankfully his doctor is in agreement. Just didn't want to overlook it and it really end up being something. His PCP does want him to have an eye exam just to be sure though so hoping to get that within the next 2-4 weeks. (Hopefully before baby)!!!
8. Getting sister's 18 month labs checked. Can you tell he's happy its not him getting poked. Lol. (FYI...labs came back good).
9. Day 1 of swim lessons got canceled. Didn't have the same luck with day 2...

Ready. Set. Let's S-W-I-M...
10. We love Maplewood Splash Pad and Park. Especially when we go with friends...
Adryanna, Molly, Blake, and Mason
Girls gonna be ripped ;)
"Mr." Nick, Blake, Dryanna, Mason, Daddy, and Molly enjoying a snack after the splash pad.

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