Thursday, July 9, 2015

Ten On Thursday

1. I just adore this sleeping boy of mine. So innocent when asleep!!!
2. Reading the True Green pamphlet with daddy's glasses on upside down...
3. Tubby time with the fun foam spray Gma H. gave them for Easter.
4. He caught a big one folks!!!
5. Fishing at Gpa and Gma H's house.
This girl...
has to do EVERYTHING...
just like her big broder.
7. Playing with dad's old matchbox cars in the driveway.
8. Paying a visit to our favorite goats...
9. Cloudy and 63 degrees on July 1st...guess we'll go to a park (along with everyone else).
Frog Hollow F-U-N!!!
10. Of course my kids would be thee ONLY kids to find mud at the naked babies it be. 
Mase was pulling leaves off a nice tree in the park so without knowing what lay by the fence...I said why don't you pull the leaves off the bushes by the fence instead. He said okay. His sister followed. They were playing nice (with their backs to me)...when suddenly they turned around and my friend said...I think your kids found some mud. Oye did they!!! No time for "before" pictures but they def did a number on their clothes.

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